Rolzo Speaks…

Why blog?

dry froggy.jpg

Hey yoyo… What is happening to our world of human interactions..? To think that we resort to publishing our journals for all to see? I remembered our diaries of old comes with a padlock? In tis time and age, think blogging is a manifested desire to be known, heard and hopefully end up being appreciated, admired.. (Yaya.. me too me too… *Grinz..) Cant believe it that our lives can be so filled that it left us so empty on the inside.. *Sing: Isn't it ironic…"

It is terrible to note the transformation that has taken place. I have been injected with the "bo chap – deadly" which virtually left me as cold-hearted puppet enslaved by countless strings of expectations that kept latching on as long as I don't protest! – What a tough life.

YAWnn.. talk next time.. Tired.. tough arr tough..


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heysheys sister carol! 😀
link me!((x

i was here!

Comment by HELEN!


Comment by nativeSixer

it’s a mati frog… smoke frog anyone? 😆

Comment by rolz911

hello! sis carol link me! hahaha(:

Comment by Samantha

hey sure sam gal… hope to see ya soon yar…. 😉

Comment by rolz911

HI SISTER CAROL! do you still remember me? simply shocked to find myself here anyway and to realise you got a blog.But anyways i am your section today, you know,that picture you took…ya so my link is below, hopefully you will see this and link me too 🙂

Comment by Benjamin

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