Rolzo Speaks…


~ 2007 ~  

2 Rolzology 1:1 Focus and see the victories He has given you..! Imagine the Possibilities and grab every opportunity that will bring Him delight! Hasten..~ Make it happen! 😉

2 Rolzology 1:2 Don’t expect the whole world to crowd around you just because you had a bad day.. GROW UP and stop behaving like brat…! – unless you are brad’s (arm)pitt!

2Rolzology 2:1
Let it groan with deep set yearnings.. Don’t let it grow cold les it turn a heart of stone.. – An impenetrable heart of stone that can only be shattered into a gazillion pieces..

2 Rolzology 2:2
Sudden deaths, young and old. Take not ur Life 4 granted.. Take not GOD for granted..

2 Rolzology 4:1
Hide not from the light of divine Love. Let His healing flood your soul till tears of joy well up from within and overflow. Then you will know Love from above has reached out and lifted you to higher ground..

2 Rolzology 7:1
Life’s turn of events has no respect of persons. Hold on to the Faith. No matter what happens… Promise me, you meet me at the end…

2 Rolzology 8:1
Truth is the basis of any enduring relationship. It is like sturdy beams of steel pounded down deep, enabling the eracted structure to withstand the test of the Elements of life. Hard work but worth it.

2 Rolzology 9:1
Life isn’t just all about i me and myself. It is about how people around me may be affected by my decisions. Between the two extremes is a much needed balance guided by lotsa wisdom from above.

2 Rolzology 10:1
The excitement of the glitz and spectaculars fades with time but the memories of an endearing friend, one who sits with you through the storms and fair weathers of life, glows with each passing year.

2 Rolzology 11:1
If you believe in something; live it. We live in a society of enormous social change. We can’t affort to be slient. We can’t affort not to care.

2 Rolzology 11:2
Don’t allow your Fears to stop you in working our your dreams. Address the legitimate issues and go work on it.! – You might just get it. GogoGO.. 😉

~ 2006  ~ 

1 Rolzology 7:1
We live in a narcissistic world – How refreshing when one gives and loves freely…

1 Rolzology 8:1
Life’s tough and sometimes the issues takes a toil on you. Remember to take corn light..!

1 Rolzology 8:2
There is no greater love than the kind that will give itself away unreservedly. – That we may finally find life in all it’s worth.

1 Rolzology 8:3
Real love is courage, it is certain and does not waver in the face of adversity.

1 Rolzology 8:4
LIFE.- Never a definitely.. Gets you when you least expected! 😉 So? Expect less & be contented.. -When it feels like it, it’ll surprise you!

1 Rolzology 9:1
When we begin to explore things that are foreign to us, we may appear like an idiot for a while but if we stick around to westle with it, we will eventually get it.

1 Rolzology 9:2
Opportunity is a TADA! phenomenon. Strike it when it’s hot, seize as it comes! Don’t let it down cuz it may never come again.

< color=”#808080″>1 Rolzology 10:1
Come out of your own world, leave it all behind… It’s time to come into Mine.

1 Rolzology 10:2
A self-centred heart ask, “what’s in it for ME?” A love-driven heart wonders, “how can I be a blessing that u will feel His love through me?” -The latter is regardless of whether the receiver is deserving or not.

1 Rolzology 12:1
Real Love inspire us to labor for well being of others & sometimes inversely for ourselves. It does not frivolously leave things to occur by chance. It is bold, certain and consistent.


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