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Do what you are made to do..


Month of Dec:
What’s up this week?

One meal fast for souls that you care about.

R U Ready…?

~ * ~


3rd Dec 


29th Nov  2nd Dec
While I’m gone….
Theodore> Hannah>Sean> Bryan> Shiwah> Venessa > Mervyn > Jiaxian> Theodore
Time? Theo.. It’s your call.

26th Nov – Daniel Fast this week


Cherry tomatoes on Alfafa sandwich..!
I’ve checked, actually Daniel Fast is simply NO MEAT.

Whatever it is,
Don’t give up.

You ain’t a loser.

If you fail/fall,
Get up and walk again..

“>If you bother to correct your wrongs
You will go places..


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hELLO! why never continue?

Comment by shiwah

well… Gotta let our action speaks louder than words dear… If we want it, let’s move it. Alright, let’s seize the opportunity. This week Daniel fast is on! Let’s press in to develop those hunger pangs for the Lord to move in our life and our ministry IGNYTE.!

Daniel Fast to my understanding will be strictly vegetables and fruits. No carbo and meat..God bless our endeavour this week!! 😉

Mon: Self Reflection
Tue – Thu, 7pm: S.carol>Theodore> Hannah> Bryan> Shiwah> Venessa > Mervyn > Jiaxian> S.carol

P.s. Sean!! Pray along with us where u are ya! 😉

Comment by rolz911

Hi folks, today’s prayer chain alot of hiccups ya? Man.. I tried to get it started and upon calling the 3rd person to start it, my only phone that has batt went flat! I was still outside. I heard about what was going on at different ends, some of you wanted to do this but couldn’t. Hey the war is on peeps…! Dun blur blur ya.. Let’s not allow anything to stop us to pray. Even for watever reason, dun let it stop us to pray.

Let press in the Daniel Fast. We are doing this together. When you are tempted know tt the rest of the peeps are facing it too.. Dun give up. Turn ur cravings towards the Lord.

What kinda of christian do u wanna be?
Koropok? looks tough/spiritual but cannot overcome little hurdles?

Don’t be ignorant of his cheapo tactics.. and when u know he sets up something against you, pls la.. Dun fall for it.

Time to RIse up to Be God’s WARRior..

Prayer’s ON. Folks press in and join me to fight a good fight.

ALERT:. let’s cover each other in prayer too.

Comment by rolz911

I got to know there are a few of you have conveniently ask the person who called you to pray to call someone else because you cant pray at the moment. & you happily skip your slot without making effort to call back.

Question: Really can’t? Or kinda inconvenient can’t?

I always believe that if I set my heart to do something, it can be done. – I challenge your “can’t”, “my parents”, “dogs” and “my friends”. Don’t change the topic here. I am talking about your heart. Do you value what we doing through this or you think it’s just a religious act that you do half-heartedly?

In revelation the Bible talks about God’s displeasure with lukewarmness. He said He will spit it out of His mouth. Folks, don’t take the things of God too casually, don’t take God’s love and grace for granted. Les you be found in risk of His judgement.

Inrreverence = no proper respect = Sin = separation from God

Ever wonder why you feel dry or far away from God? > Food for thought.

If you think you are alright( cuz you feel pretty righteous) Be careful! I have reasons to wonder if you are in a real relationship with God. Or issit with yourself? Cuz in my years of growing in Him, I have never come across any time where He told be I’m ok and perfect already..

Beware of Pride. It will find it’s ways to change you in an evil way if you are not fast enough catch it when you comes into you. Yeah.. I am serious. I said EVIL. So Be careful. ( if you are thinking this is crap.. that’s IT in case you din know..!)

Wake up, shake up it’s time for new wine for the adventure ahead! – You’ll burst if you stay where you are.

I’ll be gone for a couple of days. I leave this chain into your care. I pray God will send a double portion of His Spirit upon each of ya. You decide what you wanna do with it.

Comment by rolz911

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