Rolzo Speaks…

waigong in hosp ~ :(
Sunday November 11, 2007, 11:18 am
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…. doesn’t mean ….
Tuesday August 8, 2006, 1:22 pm
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Even though sometimes I don’t make mention. I want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing.. 🙂

yah, I really do.. 😀

The AVV Launch @ Evergreen..
Monday May 22, 2006, 9:40 am
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Aviva Launch.jpg

Thank GOD everything was a.ok…! Wheww.. one less thing off my list…! 

Eventful month snips…
Sunday May 21, 2006, 11:52 pm
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Friday – Passionball FFTH annual Fund Raiser
Had a volunteers briefing in the morning all the way down @ Singapore Poly!
Rush back to orpi.. Only to be late for my hairdo session for the evening. Talking about the hairdo I was super disappointed. I mean doing curls is just so basic lor and the salon dont even have the basic equipment! After she's done, curls of some sections were already droppy..! I commented and she didnt wanna do anything about it.. I was like thinking.. Forgot it.. fed up. Well.. no time for me to fuss.. I just gotta bear with it la.. Spend the rest of the afternoon doing up my make up, tried on gown and finally pick up my gown. Absolutely no time to do any prep for my launch event this coming monday! I was freaking out really. Told myself boh pian la.. I prepared myself to come back after service on sat to do that. Sigh.. & I really did.. But I was so glad to the abiding presence of my dear friend Elaine. She was just being around to keep me company and we aint talking most of the time. Arh… that's the wonderful presence of an old friend.

Check out some preview snips of passionball
Image051.jpg  Passionball3.jpg
19th May is also Zixuan's birthday. Nr.. that's the gal.. 😉 Yo gal.. you look stunning, great hairdo yar.. thanks to Dan! 😉

YC jio us to his salsa hang out. Union at the Amara that is. It was an eye opener for me to see the place so crowd with salsa dancers! It was an interesting sight to behold. Guess what.. Someone taught me to salsa. He was a great lead, very assuring and steady. I had fun trying it out for the first time. I had always thought that Salsa is some super exotic dance that's too hot for me. I was wrong.. Like the sauce, it comes in mild, hot, very hot! I think it varies and is very much depending how you wanna express and present yourself. Mild is also quite enjoyable! ha.. It's quite interesting that most (if not all) latin dances requires the guys to lead the dance. The intiative and boldness is a communication. So sure har, nic we gonna learn to salsa huh? 😉 
Turn down Dan's jio to go for supper.. I'm already super zonk liao lo and have a long day ahead… better not..
Passionball4.jpg Was back @ fullerton 2plus and managed to Zzzz @ 3am..

Sat – Church
Went to do a facial and hairwash. Swing by Pas for lunch, wash up and Zoom down to TCC. Double check with varina that everything alright with the team serving. 
My gals siam FUEL again.. Sigh.. Lord what you want me to do for them huh..? It's really  a constant tug of war.

Met Wenqi for service and she dont wanna have dinner. Sigh never mind I go have my own dinner lo.. Thought of Laine when I was travelling. In the end she said she will come for me! It's always these little ways of hers that always bless me so much.. Cheers to you my dear friend. 😉
So I really went back to Orpi.. work till 1am.. with laine by my side.. wa.. gotta bring you out to eat man.. Cafe Brios? 😉

Sunday – Nicole's Bday
Woke up by the noises of vacuum and my uncle speaking. I was.. Arrh.. a while more pls.. Finally got up at 10.30am. Helped ard a little, packed my rm and pick up the cake.
The whole afternoon the house is FULL of people and little crawlers all around..
Thankful the food was not too bad.

What a sweety yar..
That's my weekend..
Tomorrow gotta be in woodlands by 7.50am!! Better go Zzzzz now…!

Ouchess….. :,(
Thursday December 15, 2005, 9:18 am
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I kana attacked first thing in the morning arr…! Was feeling lethargic so decided to sleep in a little more and grab a cab to work later.. Guess what, when I finally got into a cab, I was enveloped by a strong aroma of roast duck-e! The uncle was still munching some in his mouth..Can you smell the warm, freshly crushed roast duck skin oozing out from his nostrils!! I was like struggling like no no…! Help, don’t wanna smell..! Arrh.. it has gotten in…! help..! no! haha..

On a more serious note. Do covet your prayers for complete healing for my right knee that have been injured more than 2 months ago. I have been experiencing acute pain at the back knee when I wake up every morning. It’s the sharp intense pain kind that subsides probably after 1 min. I went to the Chinese physician on Monday and found out that 2 out of 3 nerves at the back has been injured. I was screaming half the time when the sinser massaging me.- he was laughing at me!(So sadistic!) He drill fingers into the injured part and it came to the point that I was hitting him to stop when he lifted my leg, straight up and bend it towards my body! The pain was excruciating.. ;'( My knee got bandaged with some green looking, Chinese herb paste and told me to see him again today.

Sigh.. another round later.. boh pian.. I want my leg well.. He said that if I don’t treat it, I probably will not be able to kneel or bend that part for the rest of my life.
So covet your prayers that I will be well soon…
Thanks everyone! 😉

Why Blog…?
Sunday November 13, 2005, 2:20 am
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Hey yoyo… What is happening to our world of human interactions..? To think that we resort to publishing our journals for all to see? I remembered our diaries of old comes with a padlock? In tis time and age, think blogging is a manifested desire to be known, heard and hopefully end up being appreciated, admired.. (Yaya.. me too me too… *Grinz..) Cant believe it that our lives can be so filled that it left us so empty on the inside.. *Sing: Isn’t it ironic…”

It is terrible to note the transformation that has taken place. I have been injected with the “bo chap – deadly” which virtually left me as cold-hearted puppet enslaved by countless strings of expectations that kept latching on as long as I don’t protest! – What a tough life.

YAWnn.. talk next time.. Tired.. tough arr tough..