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Adventures of PWF~ (Then how….??, What to Pray..???!!!)
Wednesday July 29, 2009, 7:35 pm
Filed under: Prayer Alert!

LAst week, Ms. Pray, Ms. Weeth & Mr. Faith were really busy.. They receive a directive from the BIG Boss up there to reach Ignyters all over PL. Their mission is to show the way, the truth and the Life of prayer!

We were hot on their heels and we’ve managed to catch them in action! Take a look at this…:)

To pray is to draw near to the Reality that is bigger than yourself and what you know. Most of all, to be found in a private place, quietened down and talking to God is a posture of intimacy with Him. – The One who holds everything together. So desire Him today…!


PWF Sighting Team