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Returning to blogga blogga
Thursday May 6, 2010, 11:59 pm
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I have switched to FB fleeting one liner status bar for the longest time. I’m back! 🙂
Somehow with the load of stuff in my mind, I am retracking my steps back here to rolzology. Hope all u fellow bloggers out there are still keeping it alive.

Started running some life skills classes for ite students age 17 to as old as 24. Has been good so far. I love the position I’m in. Having the main business of dealing with students while not needing to meddle much w the “internal affairs”. – I hope I’m not shouting hurray too quickly. Not that it’s all been easy peasies but I kinda enjoy the challenges.

Something I wanna rem that led me here to finger it down is what happened this week.
I notice it’s as if the Lord sends one kinda like heartwarming occurance to… ya! Warm my heart.

Mon: I crosspathed a student at a traffic crossing & he stick out his hand and said,”cher.. Hi-five.. :)”
I did.

Wed: I walked passed a student with a ” dun mess around w me” facade at the bus stop. She looked up & said loudly(maybe due to headphones) “bye cher..” w a brief moment of ernesty upon those heavily kohl eyes before it snapped back to default mode. I was suprised by her greeting.

Thurs: i dismissed a class early as they are likely to be exempted. Two students returned after 15mins & ask if we can take a picture together. Then the student later express his disappointment about 2 modules being cancelled of which one is mine. Lol wah so sentimental arr.. I hardly have taught u leh..

Ok hope i will truly return 🙂


Rolzo Period: Thank you! :)))
Tuesday September 11, 2007, 1:09 pm
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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thanks thanks thanks!!!!! Thank you all for the planning known and unknown 😀 , tou pok prayers(Love you buzz cell, am so bless by it), SMSes, little heartfelt notes  & all.. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!  I’m a happy rolz already!! Ha~~ ! I am so looking forward to all the catch ups… 😀

Haiz.. So much in a year.. It just spin past you like that.. Time to recollect the old.. Give thanks!

 Dream the tomorrows, aim for the new..!

See you soon!!  

P.s. i’ll be away on training retreat 12th – 14th so wont be much online. BUT the beauty of MSN Live Messenger is Offline msges allowed!! Ha~ I’ll pick it up when I get a chance to login..  Cheerios my frens….!!

Ahgong & Ahma.. precious!
Wednesday September 5, 2007, 3:08 pm
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It has been an ardous journey reaching out to my waigong. Last year Dec has been an intense period for me. (Back posts: Nov> Dec> Jan1 > Jan2). The final blow came in April when one of my aunt collapsed and died suddenly. The thing is I had just interacted with her less than 24hrs ago! She seems alright then and she’s dead?! “-_- The Lord alerted me to the the fact that people are not here forever. All these sent an urgent chill down my spine. Although on the outside I seem to be wasting away.. pruny eyes, aching limps & all.. but on the inside, God seems to be using this to heal my cynicism. God used this to tenderize my hardening heart. God’ good. 🙂

Now I got kinda stuck with waigong. There is a disatisfaction abt what I was doing for him. I hope to tell him more about Jesus and the faith but I can’t seem to get pass asking about his health, wat he wants to eat and praying about this in confined hokkien as the last thing of the visit. Last Sunday he started talking about death and his worries. Waigong used to be a typical hokkien Asian who put up a stern front. There’s hardly a word from him in a day and if anything it’s short excerpts of anger. Our relationship grew over time and now he’s very different. He laughs, tease, respond to my teasing, tells me who he was, how he felt about life and tells me what’s on his mind. I think all these is making it hard for me to let him go..  

Was sharing with Ahma over breakfast about this. Check out what Ahma whipped out..

Few shots on Ahma storying away.. ha~ 😀
ahma-storying1.jpg ahma-storying-2.jpg
Put a tape on and was so amazed hearing Mark 6 > in PURE SOLID HOKKIEN. ( Solid Hokkien MEe? ha~ :P) Yea.. Deal. It’s on loan now.  I really wanna be able to sing and share more with him. I want to know I will see him at the End.

Leaving you with a retro rolzo quote in closing. 🙂 
 1 Rolzology 12:1
Real Love inspire us to labor for well being of others & sometimes inversely for ourselves. It does not frivolously leave things to occur by chance. It is bold, certain and consistent. 

I wish you love and sonshine… 🙂

Sweet Bliss: Love in the little things~~
Thursday August 23, 2007, 2:57 pm
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Pa Ma left for a pastors retreat and before that we hardly had time to laze ard together. Did get to say tu da louz to them before they march off to mount Sinai. Pa drop me a note to ask me to help finish the fruits we bought on Saturday or else they will go bad. I was thinking huh tt’s AlOt to finish.! :S I din reply as I don’t wanna give my word for tt. Ha~

I came back Monday night, grace ask me if i want some fruits. I was thinking man.. is there alot? *worried* You see, I’m  a social eater. How can they expect me to eat anything without them?! :/

Took a peep in the ref and i saw one of each left! Wheew.. Lovingly engineered by Pa I believe. 😀


Next morning I was scuffing ard for what’s left for breakfast. Take a look at this.. A bit of every kind. !! Another gesture of love from Pa (who might have discussed with Ma to do this great feat..!) I felt so loved.! Knew they were thinking of me while I was away.. HA~ If u are reading this Pa MA.. Wanna say I love you!!! 🙂 I took a choice slice, plonk it in my mouth and savour the smooth linyon paste.. And tt’s it. Closed the cover. ( Later pa said he inspected the box upon his return & wiped it all out!)   

Now TODAY… I discover a stake of books near my bible. Pa ma knows that I am working on some materials for a youth programme. I SUSPECT THoSE are for me! Hee


Very nicely placed.. kinda just lying casually around sipping their tea and enjoying the breeze. ~ Not behaving needful to be picked up. 

I love it when they does it this way..kinda laid goodies, suprises all ard the house. Hoping I’ll discover them and enjoy..  

To sum it all up I think Pa Ma wanna love me without laying expectations. I think they know if they said something, I will take in my strive to do it to honor them. Sometimes it kills the joy and how I can potentially enjoy it. Because I will kinda be in a hurry to get it done or get stressed out. I guess it’s natural to wanna please peeps whom you love. Like my new found half monkey half wabbit munster fren might say I’ll be MIGHTY worried if you dont.. yea..haha!  Have a great day ahead everyone!

Let’s do chain tonight, I’ll be at a youth programme. Gal if u are reading this, let me know where u slot me in and I try to go to the toilet then.. 🙂 

Have u ever been Played Out?
Sunday July 1, 2007, 11:51 pm
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1st July, a team of Ignyters from Trinity Christian Centre put together an inspiring live/video drama-song & dance presentation called Played Out – Reality Bites. Creatively crafted from the story of 2 individuals  who were tranformed by the Love of Lord Jesus Christ.

Some snips…
This is a shot when Wendy the female lead recalled how mummy took her own life.
The part I was overwhelmed with emotions…

played-out5.jpg playedout1.jpg
They came on to share their story.. Yeah.. real lives, real stories….

 One of the story
She said,

When I was young, I always wondered why I didn’t have a happy family. Life played out on me. My Dad left my mum when I was barely 2.
Later on, one morning, I woke up and found out that my mum committed suicide! She left just like that. My whole world crashed. I still remembered that day when I walked out of my bedroom. There was a crowd of people outside the door, at that moment my grandfather turned around and said,
“ Ning Lao Bu See Liao!”
 I was devastated. At 7, I know what that meant – That meant I will never see her again. She played out on me.

I cried the whole day that day. I was suddenly left alone in this worly without a kin. I was an angry child. I screamed deep within me. “Why me? Why does it happen to ME!!!” My relatives tried to love and care for me but nothing could heal that broken heart. I felt lost and very alone. I wanted to feel belonged to something.. or someone.
I craved for acceptance and belonging with the friends I had in school. In school I was the sweet popular girl whom everyone liked. I would always be nice to everyone and always smiling. At home I was a rebellious child who would cry till I get my way.
Subsequently, I was pubbing at 13. Alcohol, glue sniff, drugs, smoking… You name it. I did everything just to be part of the group. I was cutting myself cuz everyone else was doing it. I needed to numb that pain and loneliness deep inside. Later on I dropped out of school at Sec 2

Reality hit me at the lowest point in my life. I being to realize that all that I was doing was meaningless. Life became like an endless cycle of pain and emptiness. I don’t know what to do with my life. There were nights that I would feel so depressed that I would cry out to my mum, “Mummy, Mummy! Why DID YOU LEAVE ME ALL ALONE IN THIS WORLD?? What am I suppose to do with my life!” I almost committed suicide…. I thought maybe to follow my mum’s way to end my pain. 
Somehow I knew I needed someone to save me from all this mess. I needed a place to run and hide. I didn’t know where to turn to. Finally turn myself in to the police. Up to this day I believe it has been God’s doing that made them put me in an isolation cell in Changi Women’s Prison. I was grateful that someone came to share with me the love of Christ. That I belong to Him and He has a destiny for my life. When I heard that I grabbed that chance and rededicated my life to Him. I followed Dorothy in the sinners’ prayer and right after that something supernatural happened!!
Such intense joy filled my heart that I felt like leaping! Although circumstances around me was still the same. Something told me that it will never be the same again.

Yes, life has never been the same. Although life hasn’t been always easy…
BUt I know… since then, I have never walked alone. Reality bites but Praise God, Jesus saved me! The greatest thing in my life is knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Now I know, my life is not a mistake. He has a plan and purpose for my life.
I said to Him, “Jesus here’s my life, You have saved it and now it’s Yours. Do what You want with it. Jesus take over!

Life can be harsh and played you out but JESUS will stick with you to the end.
Glory to God!

The presentation soared with this wrap up song Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

Pray that all that the Lord has touched through this will start their journey to discover the everlasting Love of Jesus….
More on Played Out>>

Love the flowers… ~ :)
Wednesday February 14, 2007, 4:16 pm
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In my opinion, festive seasons or seasons that encircle around the concept of “bliss” is most often the most miserable days for people. This is due to how that concept generates a desire to be appreciated which in turn choke up a load of idealistic fastasy in our mind. – Often times what happens in reality does match up to our fastasy wat. So we will be a lot happy if we can shake ourselves up when we find ourselves slipping into the clouds…!
On this dreadful day, minds busy, fingers crossed as my eyes can’t help but glaze on.. Oh how I envy that look of bliss on her face…! It’s very much like a limbotic day. It’s like I would so love to receive suprises but if I’m the only “lucky”one I felt bad too.. This sure came as an absolute suprise..
This came from a volunteer that I work quite a bit with last year.. Due to various stuff and the fact that I’ve moved on to other area of work in the recently half year, we sort of lose touch… So sweet of him.. 😀 I was glad that although he address it to me, he wrote a greeting to the rest of the ladies in the office..! So it’s like everyone received this. 🙂  

Today also happen to be jojo’s mommy’s bday.. Thanks to the brilliant idea from ZC, I decided to call up and wish her happy bday.. heehee.. If joy comes to you.. Remember to pass it on.. Decided to get her flowers on friday when I come. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled…

The most beautiful things in life are mostly all natural..  There is a certain dignity and resilence about them.. The simple, plain and originals.. It soothes, calm and relieve the heavy laden souls. Next time you feel stress dun go for artifical fixes.. Try nature therapy.. Talk a walk in the cool of the evening and allow your senses to tune into His works. Allow that small voice to be heard. That voice that speaks wise counsels from above..

Know that you are deeply loved by your Maker and He will not forget about you…
I love you too dear friends… 😉  

The Psalmic groans~~ I fell in love with the God of David ~~
Tuesday February 6, 2007, 6:00 pm
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Recently i have started getting involved in developing curriculum for the bible class for the Ignyte youth.
The topic?
Character study on King David.
David, the one reputed to be THe man after God’s own heart. Before crowds of people, he  was the unashamed worshipper who displayed his passion for this invisible yet Almighty ruler God. That brave shepherd boy who fought against bears and lions for the lives of his sheeps. We also remember him as the one who told away the only wife of Uriah, one of his loyal soldiers and arrange to have him killed. How could such a lover and worshipper of GOd fall to the shit-hole of sin so greatly.

Well.. We just need to doze off for a split second to end up in an grave car accident. (Food for thought) :/

rolharpist.jpgIn my early years as a Christian, I used to memorise Psalm and thought about what it meant. I then recited them as my prayer to God. David taught me how to relate to God no matter what emo state I may be in. Happy, sad, worried, moody, afraid,  terrified, overjoyed. you name it. David almost has a psalm for everything. haha..!! Yupz he’s my prayer mentor. 🙂 Amazingly as I recite these psalms i begin to develop my relationship with God. I realise as i recite these psalms I let the yearnings of David grow in my own heart. He taught me how to cry out to GOd from my heart..

Then there comes a period of time I got a little sick of David as I find he gets over quoted. To a point, I was thinking, “not again..” David yar yar.. it turn into like majiam a cliche.. Everybody wants to be like a David. I was like thinking maybe I like to pick another character to be different or at least for a change? – That’s me trying to be different.. 😆 But then again.. He is a good pick.. 😉

I always enjoyed taking on new things in my life.. I like to experience how newness or the new invasions affect me as a person. I like the adventure of discovery of learnings these journey brings.. It’s liken to you’ll never know what you are gonna get.. 😀 So the revisitation of David brings a refreshing tenderness in my heart. A tenderness in my relationship with God. For the first time after a couple of months i started chatting with God again.

It has grown more and more official as time passes.. It has grown to be more and more like work. Get things done.. do this do that.. I was responding like a grudging slave, sulking with sudden private outburst of frustration where I will go rattling on how upset I am. Tell you.. when u ain’t at peace with God, it will spill over to your other relationships.. You begin to develop this heck care attitude towards people in your life. Then get sloppy and not wanna work out the hurdles and hiccups in your relationship with people.

As I took a long walk home last night after an afternoon of catch up with David.. I found myself chatting with Him again.. The next morning I woke up, I greeted Him naturally.. With tangles in my hair and sleepy eyes, I mumble in response to that small voice as I hurried along to get ready for work.. I sensed a quiet joy deep down in heart.. I felt quietly happy. It’s like a inner bliss that nothing in the world cannot rob you off..  

I love you LOrd.

I think I’m in love again… 😉