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First Visit to BSF – Like a flashback in the Revivals of Old
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 11:58 pm
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Today was my very first visit to a BSF meeting. What caught my attention was the discussion leader Cutie. – Interesting sweet name. She was quite cute as in a small lady. But I think she seems confident so that name was interesting on her. Maybe it soften her a little. I was directed to her when I did not know where I was supposed to go. She was a quaint lady who looked plain and modest in her attire, visible strands of sliver peppered her convent girlish short hair that was neatly pulled back with a simple hairband. What was sweet was her steady gracious spirit. Although I missed the welcome last week, I was half worried that she would turn me away as I seemed to be out of procedure.  Thankfully she was willing to attend to me and settled me into one of the groups in no time. 😀 Although the discussion time was a simple time of different ones of us sharing about the questions in the bible study this week, I thought it fulfilled what the time was meant for.

Later, we went on to the chapel for the teaching. It was electrifying to feel a room full of young people who are hungry to study God’s word! The whole setup felt like a mini revival happening there and then. It felt like I was somewhat transported to the time of the revival of era of Aimee Macpherson and Catherine Kuhlman! Perhaps God granted me a tiny glimpse of that glorious period of revival. I was very grateful for the experience.

I felt affirmed in the spirit that God was helping me grasp what I was reading in the week leading up to this meeting at the same time I was able to learn more stuff that I wasn’t aware of. The setup was really plain and the most attractive thing was really the word of the Lord. WOW… I like that plainness. I like it that its full of GOD. There was an ernest quaintness of the entire experience. The red brick victorian chapel building just adds to the whole look and feel. I think I like it.

Several times I asked myself if this is for me. Several times I wondered if I can keep up with this discipline of mining God’s word. I really want more of the word in my life. I want to live the word and let it continue to change and purify me. Will I be accepted into this BSF since they seemed to be out of space? I was half thinking of sneaking in every week whether they will accept me or not. And that’s me again wriggling in to have it my way regardless of whether I am allowed or not. 😛
I learnt something from observing Cutie. Through the indirect references of her life sharing on her thoughts, her attitudes, it reveals an ongoing submission to the Lord’s will and ways. I find that very inspiring and also thought provoking. It causes me to reflect on my own willfulness and defenses that I have built up over the years. Lord may I learn to follow You and let you direct me more and more.. Give me Your heart for the things You would bring me to. In Your most Victorious Name, Amen.



Interesting 招句 Angmo idiom
Friday February 22, 2013, 12:02 pm
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Storm in a teacup, the pot call the kettle black.

Blog? Haven’t heard of the word for Eons.
Tuesday March 13, 2012, 2:44 am
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Recently someone mentioned the word blog rather randomly… Haven’t heard of the word in a while. I think no one read these stuff these days. I can’t rem the last time I read someone’s blog. Now mostly FB or chirps of a one liner. Lagi best recent another new thing called Path. Why do we need to come up with so many versions of the same thing? Haiz…
The reminder led me to visit Rolzology. Wow it’s like a walk down memory lane of my life. Made me miss waigong as revisited my journey with him. I discovered that I haven’t changed much in the things I enjoy in life. At certain point I wonder, huh did I wrote that? 😛

I realised that I have also became some what less articulated. Over the years i have lost good friends to BF/GF, marriages and migration. The most painful ones was one to an iphone and the other haiz…. I really treasured the quality time and the convos we have had but guess I gotta just take it as it is. So now, with fewer good friends to spar raw thoughts with, which is very sad, I thank God He still gave me a few. They are gems that sparkle in my life! Haiz… Maybe there is a place for blog still. Maybe just to let out cuz it gets stuffy when we keep it all inside.
God I trust that all good things come from You. Whatever it may be, Lord grant me Your loving Grace. For I know it’ll all be sufficient for me. 🙂

The Siri Phenomenon
Friday November 4, 2011, 3:18 am
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Just what on earth is the forbidden fruit up to introducing the concept of a phone concierge? Getting people to talk to their phone and getting to know the user in a subtle and indirect way. Most people probably wouldn’t mind if someone express interest and is willing to study you; to know you better. In fact it’s a rather sexy concept in a world of superficiality.

I believe there is no free meal in the world. Like how I value the insights gained from careful observing or studying a person’s social interaction. How in that we can derive preferences. It is true that these days, most people have trouble clearly articulating what they really want or need. Somehow these innate motivation and drives can be hidden from self-consciousness.

So be mindful with Sir-i. He’s rightfully spying on you. And we know it is not a hidden fact. 😉

Sincere Words
Monday September 7, 2009, 1:36 pm
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Havent blog for the longest time..! Not that I havent been pondering just that thoughts are sometimes so fleeting and moments of awakening so sacred that it’s like spotting a wonderful sight out of the blue without a camera. And that all I can do is to savor the moment. Breath in deep, exhale, a wide grin across my face.

Hasn’t been a easy month. Seems like alot of things I have to deal with for the first time. It was hard work and most importantly HEART work as I yanked me out of myself.

Although different experience left me with different thoughts, I felt worn out physically, mentally and emotionally…

But I felt alive. I felt like I have truly live.

That as if to truly live is to let go and let Him. I felt satisfied.

Felt so touched by sincere, bottom of the heart words. With no strings attached. Just appreciating you for who you are.

Realised I am highly critical of myself. The recent courses I attended told me that it’s Maladaptive thoughts/self talk. That night I decided to go for a ride. Something which I have laid off for quite a while. Was kinda moody tt night and aft which I discover it was a mix of pms. But it turned out to be refreshing as I talk to myself, talk to God and sensing His responses.

Am truly thankful for all You have been Lord. 🙂

All of my days, all of my seasons. You are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship… ~

No blog lately..
Tuesday March 18, 2008, 7:11 pm
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No… Not that nothing has been happening but maybe more of being in the valley of thoughts.. Unfinish, unprocess, raw.. Not ready for the world to sneer at.. (haha cynically pessimistically kidding.. ;P) Yeah.. kinda a bit here there and everywhere.. Hard to put it all down on a decent post. 

Recently God has been addressing my frustration of …. I don’t know what to call it. As someone rightly put it, at some point, I’m like a frustrated child wanting to rip of the blindfold & end the game.

In my recent time with the Lord, He shared an amusing analogy of a fisherman stomping his feet when he discovered the bad turn of the weather. Yeah.. He was really banging and kicking things..! Obviously frustrated that after all the prep, now no fishing for the day..! Just imagine the disappointment. I find it pretty amusing observing that scene. (I actually DID laugh out soft.. more like a chuckle.. 😉 ) Although justified but I can’t help but conclude that he’s silly.. Childish to a certain extent… 

Guess you should know what that was all about… Yar la…. ME.. @#%~! agrhh… yea.. SIlLY ME..!  !! 

BUt now shifting the camera.. Yeah.. It was really refreshing being with the Lord. Man in one evening I learnt alot..

Yeah… let me share one of recent favourites… Presenting…. Britt Nicole 😀

   Hope you like it as much as I do.. 😉 

Thoughts on Handling Disappointments in Life
Monday January 21, 2008, 2:38 am
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Disappointments in life are inevitable. We mortals have often fastasies of how perfect our world can be, only to discover what lies beneath the pretty bed of roses lies vicious thorns! What are disappointments? What kind of effects does it have on us?Why do we need to deal with it?  How can we make the best out of setbacks in our lives?

If these questions are what has been bugging you, do stick around.  

What are disappointments?
As human beings, we have the capacity to hope, dream and desire how life can be for us. – How good it can be for that matter. The cruel fact is, we don’t have full control over how things turn out.  The decisions of others, the lack of commitment, macro scale of changes and sudden losses constantly threatens our control to actualise our ideals. Disappointment is therefore defined here as – any loss of joy as result of our vision of Good not being actualised.

What kind of effect does it have on us?
Most people tend to withdraw in the particular area of our life. We became extra cautious and suspicious for the fear of having history repeats itself. We backed off to reassess the situation, to understand what has gone wrong. Some experienced traumas that could trapped us in our world till the end of our day. It has strong effects on our attitude towards life, people, appetite, even our walk pace and how we carry ourselves. It may change our entire lifestyle and preferences altogether.

Why do we need to deal with it?
For the fear of being let down again, we deny ourselves to step in to new experiences, As we negate the chances of bad experiences, we also lose out on the good that may be in store.

How can we make the best out of it?
First of all is to accept the fact that life, people and this world is imperfect. Accept and expect imperfections but don’t let it limit you to desire for perfection. Human beings have the ability to evolve, adapt and grow from our experiences. We have the ability to analyse and draw precious lessons to learn about ourselves and others. Our depth of perception grows as we take time to reflect.

The point here is to focus on human flourishing – your inner growth rather then exterior establishments. Let it add wisdom, empathy, resilence and self-awareness thus enriching us as persons, fellow sojourners in a place best yet to be.

Blessed week ahead folks! 🙂