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rol15cutoutcrop.jpgI’m pretty warm and friendly most of the time.. Although I have mellowed down these recent years but I still have my moments when I am super high and corny…! I’ll like to tease people. Some will say I’m lame. Others says I’m hardworking and serious. Ha.. That will depend when and where you catch me. Sometimes I get bored being serious then I will think and say some silly things. Sometimes I laughed till I sian then I would want to think about how to solve problems and get my life organised. I am inquisitive by nature and am always game to explore new stuff that are foreign to me. I like to understand processes, how things works and eventually see if I can apply it into my life or if I can do things better. My preferred mode of learning will be observation and when I can interact with the subject. In the course of doing this, I have come to discover that cannot handle mathematical formulas. – It is super complex! Talking about trying to make sense out of these formulaes. God help me. For this one, I will give it a pass and be contented with practical mathematics that I need to run my life. ha.. 😉 I love catching up with a fren over a cuppa.. Enjoy analysing my thoughts, reflect and to understand myself better.. The is a chinese saying;
” Zhi ji Zhi bi, bai zhan bai sheng.” – Victory is found in knowing yourself and a precise understanding of the challenge at hand.
I enjoy people who dare to be real. People who are simple, sincere and honest. People who are able to share about their perspectives and being open to learn/hear what others are thinking and feeling. It is important that a rol friend will not be in a rush when we are hanging out.
 Jesus is very important to me and I very much believe that He is real and present in my life.. At all time.. ;) He is cool..I can’t imagine my life without HIM…!
How I rest – Enter into my mobile bubble. Image032.jpg

  1. Plug into my headphones (Radio/ MP3 – great mix of Christian Pop, Jazz, R&Bs and classicals)
  2. Dress code: Light, airy wear with comfi sandals.
  3. Destination: Long bus rides, exhibitions, Borders, coffee places, explore unchartered areas or interesting shops.
  4. Do what: roam around, shop, observe people/things, read, think.

What I like
Cycling, badminton, shopping, meeting people from different culture, beads, sequins, ethnic accessories, Arts,painting/sketching, photography, plugging in to headphone and roam in the streets, road trips.

Feels Super Loved when:
A loved one/dear friend decides to splurge time out just enjoying each other’s company
You respect my need for space
You dont force me to make decisions
(Common one: where r we going arr..? Come on chill man.. just flow along..)
You dont DEMAND my immediate attention
(Super turn off when u do so pls..!)
You bother to find out what I am thinking/feeling
You trust me with your raw thoughts
you give of yourself unconditionally
you dont judge me

Best non-fiction: Road Less Travelled by M.Scott Peck 
Best fiction: HInds feet on High places by Hannah Hurnard

Dance performances, Documentaries, Channel News Asia, Art Central, National Geographics, BBC News, Symphony 92.4, Gold 90.5, Class 95. 

Salivicious Food :
Curries, Wanton Mee, real solid fried hokkien prawn mee, all time fav pasta:Linguine, savoury stuff like meat stew, mushroom/chicken pie, chilli padi, potato in all styles, Fav soup: carrots, potatos, corn, onion with pork ribs..!! I love Marmide!!(Sure thing as a porridge mix whenever I fall sick.. Felt cared for as I had tt when I was a little kiddo.. =))   

Jazz – Bossa Nova, Astrud Gilberto, Norah Jones, Michael Buble, Tanya Chua
Classicals – Yoyo Ma the Cellist. The Ennio Morricone is a particularly good pick
Christian Pop- Ginny Owens, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jaci Valasquez, Corrinne May, Mark Schultz & etc…
R&B – JJ, TaoZer, Shunza.
Latin beats – Salsa music (Still getting to know. will update with some titles later) 😉

Hopes & Aspirations:
Go climb some mountain – Mount Ararat?? ha..! 😉
Go on at least 1 month Europe tour Must: Switzerland & the vatican!
Go on a 3 days cycling trip all around Singapore 

Set up a Youth cultural centre
Set up a Christian broadcast: I wanna do programming & content planning! 
Someday create radio ads.
 Meet people who share my dreams and passions.
Own a grand piano
Design my own house
Go Wind-Gilding

 That my life would truly be a song of Joy. A delightful sight & sound to my Maker, Lord and Friend. You are the reason why I live. Lord I long for the day I will finally see you face to face. This is what Heaven meant to me. 😀

~ Content as of end 2006 ~


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Hi i tagged again.See you in FUEL:p

Comment by Benjamin

hey Ben..! Glad to have u in the section! Press in till every word of the Lord is fulfilled in your life for 2008 ya…! 🙂

Comment by rolz911

meow. i was here. 🙂

Comment by lyd

man… this is HILARIOUS! meow? din know u hve a feline instinct lol

Comment by rolz911

rolz, were u redesigning ur blog the past wk? i came to a ‘work-in-progress site’ when i came to ur site a few days back – the header banner was empty … but it could oso be problems over my side in loading ur site … hmmm

Comment by berns

nope.. i discover tt when i was showing u the wordpress themes, i must have accidentally loaded a theme. Spotted it days later and changed it back. Yupz.. it’s abt time for a new theme and banner! 🙂

Comment by rolz911

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