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Sometimes to win is to let go
Monday July 4, 2016, 3:50 pm
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Was sharing seats with a stranger at a cafe today. As I noticed the afternoon sun dipping in at the side where I was to sit, my mind had conceived the plan of shift to the other side after the stranger leaves. But lo and behold when he was to take his leave, a pair of pinoys sat themselves in right away before I had time to react. What made me more annoyed was the one who sat opposite me pushed all the stuff left by the previous patron over to my side of the table. I showed my annoyance on my face and pushed it away from me. She caught that. And moved it away. But I was still unhappy as the sun by now had creeped in significantly. I was half baking with a shawl blocking out the roasting ray.

Out of a defiance I hung on despite feeling the temperature rising as fine beads of moist formed along my hairline. I thought to myself, “This seat was mine!” And a whole string of thoughts of how uncivil their act was to sit without asking etc etc. I hung on. Woo i can feel the heat rising. But this seat is mine! I stole a few glance to check their food progress. Arghh one of them went to refill her coffee. By now i was way beyond half in the sun. Then I realised that at the rate of how this ray was coming in I may still be affected when I finally could shift in. I looked around and saw there were plenty of colder spots in the cafe. Just that I had to humbly give up MY seat.

I did. As I moved out, I spotted an ever better seat at the other corner that was cool and completely out of the rays reach.

And I thought its so true that sometimes we win when we lose. When we could let go of our rights we win even more. Sometimes its good to let go of an argument where the relationship is even more important than being right about something. Sometimes its good to let others gain as the character formation/lesson is even more valuable than the material gain. Sometimes letting go of a seemingly great opportunity may gain me time and other more precious aspects in life such as health, safety, comfort, family/community etc.

Now I feel so glad I gave up my seat because the truth is there IS a better seat out there. I need to let go before I can gain. I need to loosen my grip before I have the capacity to receive.


1.What are some areas we tend to fight or strive over?

2.On a scale of 1-10, 1 being always give in to 10 always fight to get my way. Where do you see yourself currently?

3.What is one area you feel that you need to let go so that you can receive something new that God will bring into you life?

4.What is something we could do differently to help us let go?
Adopt a meek spirit(Attitudes/behaviour could help  us win in life)