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Migraine Attack – My God Healed me Completely!
Wednesday April 13, 2016, 11:10 pm
Filed under: En Spirituas

Went on an impromptu late night cycling and woke up with a headache. It was the entire left side of my temple and rim of my eye, cheek, nerves behind my ear, neck and down to my shoulder. I gave myself a light squeeze on the areas and tried to feel better as I went about my day. Had a full day that started with a birthday party, a quick help shopping for groceries, a visit to hospital, collect a cake somewhere then headed home to start the wok for pasta dinner for the night. Tried to drink coffee while waiting for the rain to pass at some point but it didnt work. Later on, I felt the heat in the kitchen was helpful to get some of the “wind” out of my head but alas.. it stayed throughout the day.

Despite of it, I was glad my pasta turned out well. 🙂 Was also glad that everyone chipped in effort to make it happen. After dinner and wash up, somehow the condition intensified to the point I felt the left side of my face swell up. I knew I definitely needed some medication. I popped a caffeine pill. I was expecting my condition to improve as before but it turn worse to a point I felt very sick and weak within minutes. It felt like I was about to throw up anytime that I pulled a bin near me as I quickly and carefully lay myself down. I steadied myself to switch off the glaring lights while holding on to my waste bin and gently laid myself down in a recovery position and pop a sweet into my mouth as a desperate attempt to calm down my system from any violent expulsion.

At that point I ernest prayed,

“Dear Lord, please heal me. :S I need You now.”

I fell asleep shortly after.

I woke up 5am+ in the morning the next day feeling totally refreshed! I had the impression that the Lord has healed me! There was no traces of the strain after that till now. Praise the good Lord who is my Jehovah Rapha! James 1:6

😀 Thank U LORD!



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