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First Visit to BSF – Like a flashback in the Revivals of Old
Tuesday February 23, 2016, 11:58 pm
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Today was my very first visit to a BSF meeting. What caught my attention was the discussion leader Cutie. – Interesting sweet name. She was quite cute as in a small lady. But I think she seems confident so that name was interesting on her. Maybe it soften her a little. I was directed to her when I did not know where I was supposed to go. She was a quaint lady who looked plain and modest in her attire, visible strands of sliver peppered her convent girlish short hair that was neatly pulled back with a simple hairband. What was sweet was her steady gracious spirit. Although I missed the welcome last week, I was half worried that she would turn me away as I seemed to be out of procedure.  Thankfully she was willing to attend to me and settled me into one of the groups in no time. 😀 Although the discussion time was a simple time of different ones of us sharing about the questions in the bible study this week, I thought it fulfilled what the time was meant for.

Later, we went on to the chapel for the teaching. It was electrifying to feel a room full of young people who are hungry to study God’s word! The whole setup felt like a mini revival happening there and then. It felt like I was somewhat transported to the time of the revival of era of Aimee Macpherson and Catherine Kuhlman! Perhaps God granted me a tiny glimpse of that glorious period of revival. I was very grateful for the experience.

I felt affirmed in the spirit that God was helping me grasp what I was reading in the week leading up to this meeting at the same time I was able to learn more stuff that I wasn’t aware of. The setup was really plain and the most attractive thing was really the word of the Lord. WOW… I like that plainness. I like it that its full of GOD. There was an ernest quaintness of the entire experience. The red brick victorian chapel building just adds to the whole look and feel. I think I like it.

Several times I asked myself if this is for me. Several times I wondered if I can keep up with this discipline of mining God’s word. I really want more of the word in my life. I want to live the word and let it continue to change and purify me. Will I be accepted into this BSF since they seemed to be out of space? I was half thinking of sneaking in every week whether they will accept me or not. And that’s me again wriggling in to have it my way regardless of whether I am allowed or not. 😛
I learnt something from observing Cutie. Through the indirect references of her life sharing on her thoughts, her attitudes, it reveals an ongoing submission to the Lord’s will and ways. I find that very inspiring and also thought provoking. It causes me to reflect on my own willfulness and defenses that I have built up over the years. Lord may I learn to follow You and let you direct me more and more.. Give me Your heart for the things You would bring me to. In Your most Victorious Name, Amen.



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