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Weather-proof Faith
Monday January 18, 2016, 9:50 pm
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During a recent conversation with a dear friend, the topic of cynicism was raised. The question goes like this, ” What makes us more or less cynical over the years?” My friend shared her personal evaluation of how she coped over time and concluded on a note that losing a sense of wonder in things is what makes her more cynical over time. As I listened intently, I thought about how cynicism is mostly rooted in disappointments and why do we get disappointed in the first place. Well perhaps we have expected things to turn well for us. So then is it true that things always should or will go well in my life? Of course I would hope it does but what if it doesn’t. Have we at some point in our lives been drawn to think that it should always be well so much so that when it doesn’t we lost our grounding?

We concluded on this note.

Trouble times or misfortunes or even fortunes for that matter, comes as a form of testing. It comes as a fire to test what we are made of. What we truly believe. And if we could truly stand by what we thought we have believed. In the Christian journey, our end goal is truly to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. So as these testings comes, it is to refine us. It has the potential to bring out the best as well as the worse in us. A fair weather theology of health, wealth and sunshine everyday wouldn’t get us far in Him. The truth is God is sovereign even in sickness, poverty and pain. Instead of lamenting, ” oh God why is this happening to me?” we should be saying, “God, what is you want to form in me through this?”

When we say that Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are really saying Christ’s openness to me is unchanging and unconditional. It does not depend on my performance. He stays steadfast as the Coach of my life. As I enter every match as liken to yet another season of my life, I may play lousy, may trip at some point or run around lost in the field. He’s identity as my Coach does not change. Even if I play lousy and if I am willing to rely on His wisdom, He could lead me to victory. If I would learn from Him and practice the ways He has chided me on. I could get better. I don’t have to continue to be a loser even if I may have lost a match.

In the light of news of failed marriages of several pastors we knew who have a lot of respect for when we were younger, I believe the same applies. All of us can be tempted. And yes they may have not passed the test but Jesus still remains as their steadfast Coach. He never gives up on us. Don’t take the judgement of man as a reflection of God’s  damnation. Coach God’s arms are wide open for every prodigal daughter and son to trust Him to lead and restore again.


You may have sinned. You may have been living in a life of sin but that does not change you from a child of God to a son of the devil. You are still a child of God. You are a child of God that is living in sin. You still belongs to the Father. Come home. He loves you nonetheless.





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