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Blog? Haven’t heard of the word for Eons.
Tuesday March 13, 2012, 2:44 am
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Recently someone mentioned the word blog rather randomly… Haven’t heard of the word in a while. I think no one read these stuff these days. I can’t rem the last time I read someone’s blog. Now mostly FB or chirps of a one liner. Lagi best recent another new thing called Path. Why do we need to come up with so many versions of the same thing? Haiz…
The reminder led me to visit Rolzology. Wow it’s like a walk down memory lane of my life. Made me miss waigong as revisited my journey with him. I discovered that I haven’t changed much in the things I enjoy in life. At certain point I wonder, huh did I wrote that? 😛

I realised that I have also became some what less articulated. Over the years i have lost good friends to BF/GF, marriages and migration. The most painful ones was one to an iphone and the other haiz…. I really treasured the quality time and the convos we have had but guess I gotta just take it as it is. So now, with fewer good friends to spar raw thoughts with, which is very sad, I thank God He still gave me a few. They are gems that sparkle in my life! Haiz… Maybe there is a place for blog still. Maybe just to let out cuz it gets stuffy when we keep it all inside.
God I trust that all good things come from You. Whatever it may be, Lord grant me Your loving Grace. For I know it’ll all be sufficient for me. 🙂


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