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Thursday May 6, 2010, 11:59 pm
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I have switched to FB fleeting one liner status bar for the longest time. I’m back! 🙂
Somehow with the load of stuff in my mind, I am retracking my steps back here to rolzology. Hope all u fellow bloggers out there are still keeping it alive.

Started running some life skills classes for ite students age 17 to as old as 24. Has been good so far. I love the position I’m in. Having the main business of dealing with students while not needing to meddle much w the “internal affairs”. – I hope I’m not shouting hurray too quickly. Not that it’s all been easy peasies but I kinda enjoy the challenges.

Something I wanna rem that led me here to finger it down is what happened this week.
I notice it’s as if the Lord sends one kinda like heartwarming occurance to… ya! Warm my heart.

Mon: I crosspathed a student at a traffic crossing & he stick out his hand and said,”cher.. Hi-five.. :)”
I did.

Wed: I walked passed a student with a ” dun mess around w me” facade at the bus stop. She looked up & said loudly(maybe due to headphones) “bye cher..” w a brief moment of ernesty upon those heavily kohl eyes before it snapped back to default mode. I was suprised by her greeting.

Thurs: i dismissed a class early as they are likely to be exempted. Two students returned after 15mins & ask if we can take a picture together. Then the student later express his disappointment about 2 modules being cancelled of which one is mine. Lol wah so sentimental arr.. I hardly have taught u leh..

Ok hope i will truly return 🙂


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Hey Jie.. you faithful fan is still here… checking on your blog.. hahaha

Comment by Jane Mei

Wo… Steady la.. 😉

Comment by rolz911

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