Rolzo Speaks…

Life’s Loopa Loopa..
Tuesday March 17, 2009, 11:25 pm
Filed under: Boh Liaos

We are all escapists one way or the other…

We are all running away from some realities that we don’t want to face.

Some ||  their senses in a repetitive loop of sounds, some in the humdrum of life.

Routine to some is a dread. To the other, a comforting loop.

It is not bad..

It’s whether you appreciates her or not.

After all, we are all trying to rest our minds.

I like Indie pop and Jazz.. Today I discover how trance rocks the soul like a lullaby..

After all, we are all seeking for a breather.. In this repetitive loop of life… You in meditation, the other in wordless versions and another in formed versions.

Maybe we are all seeking momentary comfort and solace that this world  failed to offer..

This post shows up like a polaroid. In part, yet all together.

Like a spider web, all linked but not linear..

I realised that as I grow older,  the more I don’t bother to explain myself.

ASk if you have to but anything else except why..


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