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How does communication break down?
Friday December 12, 2008, 2:13 am
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I think communication breaks down when both are interested for the other to understand what we want each other to know and is not really seeking to understand each other’s thought process.

Out of respect, we learn to listen and took turns to clarify ourselves. But why do some conversations still conclude on a note where one feel frustrated and still not understood by the other?

I was trying to understand why sometimes this kinda dynamics happens. As I reflect and ask myself why I am upset with one of the recent clashes I experienced, these were my evaluations;

1. Email communication is good when we want to list the facts. It is a lousy channel to gauge interest or commitment. So don’t go asking someone to marry you via the email ya…!

2. Preferred arrangement were ambiguous.
– The case was presented in the guise of options whereby comments that were interlaced suggest that there is a preferred option which could have been put across plainly.

3. Differing objectives, priority and desired outcome.

4. Clash of the way we like information to be fed to us.

Communication breaks down when either party seeks to make the other understand his/her thought processes and showed disinterest about what the other is thinking about.

In cases whereby we are left feeling irritated is when we are ‘forced’ to adapt to the one’s  communication styles, thought process and logic which most of the time supports our underlying preferences.

It no longer a win win situation when either one of the party feels their thoughts and feelings were not appreciated.

Breathe in deep.. & fwe……..

I felt better. .. 🙂 just need to get this off my chest..

God gave us two ears and one mouth..  May we all learn to seek ye first to understand.

SURGE Camp is up! Will be away till 18thdec.. cheers 🙂


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