Rolzo Speaks…

Bkk no go…….. :(
Monday December 1, 2008, 2:25 pm
Filed under: Boh Liaos

sad case..

There goes my only holiday trip tt I could arrange for this year.! SIgh……

Actually I’m still on enough to go meet my friend there and tao nan together… lol

quite siao rite? ya.. the adventure is inviting I must say… But guess it will be a foolish venture if anything happens..

All these thoughts back and forth makes me wonder why I am so frivolous about it. Most of my inner thoughts are GO thoughts but my external all gives me NOs… Until my fren’s flying out then it sealed the “NO” immediately..

Maybe because my heart is no longer attached to this world?

Maybe I am just dumb! haha…

Maybe I feel I want to go if He wants to take me back! 😛 (you lazy bump… Now.. get to work!!! ) hahaa..

In case if you think I’m suicidal.. No la.. If this is MUmbai I won’t go for sure..

Condolence to Ms lo.. She is so young and future/life is bright ahead. haiz.. so sad…

Btw…have u heard of After life insurance with JC. Better get it.. Cause never know if have time to get later.. Contact me if u need more info. Fyi this plan has been SPONSORED. You just need to acknowledge and claim it formally.

Next holiday trip I wanna go Hanoi!! Anyone? 😀

>> oh btw these few days I will still keep my retreat locally. Sorry if I dun respond to u promptly if you trying to contact me ya..

Cheerios frens.. rolz loves u! 😉

P.s. Where ever you are.. Be safe!


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