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When you love the drudgery of it..
Wednesday August 20, 2008, 6:41 am
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” a calling requires certain preconditions. It requires more than desires; it requires talent. Not everyone can be, simply by desiring it, an opera singer; or professional athlete, or leader of a large enterprise. For a calling to be right, it must fit our abilities. Another precondition is love – not just love of the final product but, as the essayist Logan Pearsall Smith once put it, “The test of a vocation is love of drudgery it involves.” Long hours, frustrations, small steps forward, struggles; unless these too are welcomed with a certain joy, the claim to being called has a hollow ring.”

Extracts from Business as a Calling by Michael Novak

Now let’s check out what TobyMac & peeps says about this.. 🙂


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great song, great reminder! must hear!

Comment by faithlove

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