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BEWARE: They can see you but you cant see them…
Wednesday August 6, 2008, 10:57 pm
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yeah… I know it’s the 7th month & nah.. I ain’t talking about them..

Something even scarier…!!

Follow me here…Let me show you something.

A phenomenon has been happening and it lurks around us all the time…! Even since the onslaught of TVmobile & other mediums.. It has literally taken over all attention space!!

A brief intro into it. It’s amazing how our world has spin and evolve in it’s culture along with the fads and trends. I believe the god of today is spelled G.O.O.G.L.E. with it’s brilliant sidekick, the wikiguy, which is a collation of what you and I are saying.

Did you realise that we have lesser guard against worldview then views that are tagged as Truth? At a certain point it’s kinda considered wise to take a back step and consider if what we have just seen or read is a hoax, did u realise that people generally have grown more skeptical esp over what is claimed as absolute truth?

Welcome to the age of relatisvism. The belief, attitude, understanding that everything is subjected to scrutiny and not totally true. Depending on who’s view you’ve adopted.

This is also an era whereby esp the GenX has a tendency to be highly individualised. People can be so expressive to the point of denying our genetic make up and proclaim that “I feel therefore I am.” The axiom of our day. Kinda creepy if you consider the implications.. :/

While I enjoy diversity and personal uniqueness, I can’t help but to wonder what will be my world tomorrow. In the name of fads, a totally wholesome theme like Family love can be perceive as totally orh bian. On a side note, I kinda scared to even hav my own kids.. :S (SG would not like me to say this.) I mean just imagine the world that you may be subjecting your little cutsie to in days to come. Aft you have your fun cutsie time with your little ones, they better grow up morally strong to face the deep dilemmas of their day to come.

How about what we do to relax everyday?(Wa.. She scrutinise everything arr…?? ) Wait.. lemme prove my point here la… Ok, do we realise as we devote ourselves to our favorite channel daily, it is slow programming us in the background? ( what do you mean?) I mean it’s shaping our preferences, our responses to things around us (she’s paranoid..), suggesting to you ‘new experiences you should try to get a life. Dun believe me?  When you see a man on a glider smashing into a cliff what is your response? Oh… poor thing is he alright?

Most likely we may laugh along without thinking much about it. After all, it’s the end of a long day, I need entertainment. It doesn’t hurt to laugh what.. Desensitization at work here people..

What do you think of the effect of WWW and the entire virtual world experience? I think it shaping us not to need to take responsibility for what we do, no need to tell the truth. (since it’s relative)  If I dun like what I see or how the game goes. I just reset. It’s the attitude folks are adopting big time now. If it doesn’t work out, just delete.

Have you notice that we can be kinda laggy when it comes to emotional response in real life? So much so that natural emotions don’t come naturally. Or issit just me?

Aiya…. I am not asking us to flee to the mountain caves, all that I am saying here is to beaware.


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