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Are the real truths these days?
Wednesday July 30, 2008, 5:16 pm
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Did you ever do the wrong thing, and then, looking back to the moments just before you made the mistake, recall that you had experienced an intuitive flash, a little bit of a wordless warning, like an aversion or feeling not to do it? Like most of us, you ignored it and did the wrong thing anyway. But that “still small voice” – a voiceless voice, really – tried to steer you away from a wrong action. That’s from God. Typically, people learn to honor and respect such intuitive leadings first in hindsight, as they realize they ignored God’s loving nudge – and later in foresight, as they discover by experience which impulses to obey and which to resist in life.

Inside every truly sincere person (“sincere” as in humble-before-your-Creator, not as in so-deluded-you-can’t-see-your-delusions) there is an inner witness, a wordless knowing, a quiet confirmation of all truth, including the Bible. Indeed, when all is said and done, you know the Bible is true because you just know deep down that it is true. It’s a matter of quiet inner revelation, direct to your heart and mind from the source of all true revelation.

Although as a youth your belief in the Bible may have been the direct consequence of the loving guidance of your parents, ultimately you reverence the Bible not because they told you to do so. After all, they could have been wrong – they’ve been wrong about other things, haven’t they? Moreover, as we grow up, each of us must revisit the beliefs we adopted from our parents, so that those “grafted-on” beliefs can become truly our own convictions.

For the same reasons, you reverence the Bible not because your minister or youth group or church or anybody or anything else on this earth told you to – they also could be wrong. You reverence the Bible because, as a child of God, you are connected directly to your Creator, and He puts it in your heart that this is indeed the sacred history and mystery, the past, present and future of mankind – a book from another dimension, if you will, put here for our edification and instruction.

When you reverently inquire into the meaning, not only of the Holy Scriptures, but of everything in life, and – very important – when you have the courage actually to believe what you see revealed in your “heart of hearts” in response to your sincere searching, you are living by faith.

Our quiet inner belief that stealing and murder are wrong just because we can plainly see they’re wrong, this instant embrace of the Golden Rule just because we can see for ourselves that it’s right, this wordless quality of discernment between ethical and unethical behavior, this deep and wordless understanding of both life and Scripture that graces us from beyond the borders of our education and experience – which we regard too lightly as just “common sense” – is in reality God’s communication with us through faith.

And since its source is beyond all earthly culture and authority, indeed from beyond space and time, it is our true compass for all things. The Bible is our map. But we need the compass of the living God within us to understand the words of the Bible.

“Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures.” (Luke 24:45)

Extracts from How do you know the Bible is true, David Kupelian


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