Rolzo Speaks…

Of late..
Monday July 14, 2008, 12:36 am
Filed under: Boh Liaos

I have been laying off blogging for quite a bit of late..

Just lazy 🙂

To summarise in a few words:

It has been kinda bizarre. :S

At some point, felt a bit cornered.

Wonder if I need to reconsider some stuff in life

Or whether I was right.

Did my lasik last week.

Felt that I’m a bit too random

Constantly feel that I should work harder.

Think I’m getting more egoistic nowadays.

Kinda like I dun give a damn what people thinks.

hmmm I wonder if that’s bad. :/

Oh Lord have mercy.. Fix me if somethings wrong.. :/

Did this post in between stuff from before esplanade gig during the short interval until someone started talking to me. Yeah… a bit rude to be antisocial there so hea.. gotta chat la.. hehe

Yeah.. Ruth Ling so cool.. She’s from this ladies jazz band called Walk on Water. AM totally mensmerise by her sultry voice. was so good.. 🙂 I like watching people enjoying what they do.. Not for the sake of needing to appear like they do but they really do.

Aiya.. dun ask me how I know it’s real.. – You’ll know when it’s real. 😉

The bassist Wendy was so cool too. She had the typical boh chap, artsy farty, in her world kinda look. That tells me that she enjoys what she produce. She is good! 😀

It’s beautiful when I see individuals coming together to create something yet retaining their own uniqueness.


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