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Wednesday July 2, 2008, 8:09 am
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Did my lasik today! lol this is a back post cuz there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could have blog after my surgery. All I wanna say is…


It’s freaky!

Seriously I’d rather they knock me out or spare me with the details… :S

I was gungho enough to go for it unaided.

I mean, I asked 3 times if I need anyone to be with me for it. The nurse just keep assuring me that no need no need.. It’s ok. She even kinda vouched for it with her personal account. Well not that I wanna be hero in this one.. I took her word for it la.. Much to my horror.

The scariest was when they clamp my eyeball and did a suction on my pupil. My vision blacked out for a few secs.. The moment it came back, I was treated to a thriller of being operated on. I almost stopped breathing.. After it was finally over, I had to go through the process a second time..

Well that was not it.. Ask I came outta the clinic I was a little dizzy and all was very bright. They tape what I call strawberries over moi eyes and made me walk around in paragon in a state of slight disorientation!! THANKfully a nurse was with me and ushered me up a cab heading straight home. Ah ma and grace had to obliged for a slightly more romantic ambience so tt I could join them at the dinner table.

Some shots:

Strawberried eyes..
(Major embarrassment to be found walking  around  in Paragon looking like this. :S)

Totally care system.  No  shower for  neck and  above for 3 days.  :S

Alternatives:  Eye veil for hair wash by the end of 2nd day.  ( Cant stand the grease.. 😦 )


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