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Wednesday May 14, 2008, 1:15 am
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IDiscover you, you discover me.’
That’s the title of my intro session of IDiscovery. Just renewed my business license for wct and it dawned on me that wow.. it has been one year already. One year since i started messing up my life.To date, IDiscovery is already in it’s third run at SGH. It turned out to be an amazing journey for myself in many ways. 🙂 I would never trade anything for what I have gained.

Ahh… The initial struggle in finding the confidence to teach a bunch of SG skums.- The social rejects and “refuse” of our society. The ones who are causing the nuisances at night. I was startled by the sense of intimidation that engulfed me as I drew nearer. It is also then I discovered that the task at hand is more than meets the eye. I can’t do it by myself. I simply can’t.

There were times where I felt like a total fool trying to measure up to fit the bill. – I can’t help but wonder seriously if I am cut out for the type of work I got myself into. Not to mention that I am not social work train. :S Then I remember the sense of deep inner joy and compassion that welled up from within when i read the stuff these little ‘monsters’ wrote. I can’t deny the call is real.

Then of course there was this big temptation always lurking around, beckoning me to return to normal easy peasies.. Stuff that are so familiar that has became all so naturally effortless to a certain extend. The practicality of reconciling the fact that I may potentially enter a state of poverty. – Especially steep climb when it comes to social welfare business. I guess the two just did’t make sense together? :/ or maybe I just wasn’t thick skinned enough..

The silly transitions I put myself through. ( up to now, I have no idea which were the neccessaries and which were the senseless… =/ )

Wow.. so much in a year.. Well I guess yucky times have a certain glimmer when we look back to recollect. Like a warrior who have overcame with a few stretches of ripped open scars across his temple/brows and arms. They are no longer dripping with blood; All have long healed, leaving behind the battle scar tracks.

One thing I wanna see myself grow is courage. Courage to step into the unknown. Not being afraid of losing blood or be jeered at.

Life is a voyage of discovery. I discover you, You discover me.


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hey girl, we are living in exciting times yah.. let’s press in together.. there’s more to come and the latter will be greater! you have already stepped into the unknown.. it gets easier the next time you get to do it again~stepping into the unknown i mean..

Comment by Nicky

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