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Food for the Heart – Porggy :P’
Tuesday April 29, 2008, 11:51 am
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Food has this amazing quality to bring us back to a time and space. Like a milestone set in memory that conjures up a mirage of sight, sound, a certain heartfeltness all wrapped up in a home cooked dish. I had this thought when I was savouring my comfort porrgy(porridge). Know how our minds thinking like a web?  That mouthful of warm substance triggered a web link of thoughts.

It was Grandma’s other comfi food I can make, then scene in Ratatouille whereby Egor(??) the Food critic was sent back in time when he was a little dude back in Grandma’s kitchen slurping the same stew. Then it jumps to remind me of a possible social enterprise project then a mental evaluation of the probability of success.  It ended with a sense of bliss and contentment.  I realise that there may be a handful of people out there who like me, who yearns for that familiar taste! ;P What is one comfi food that never fail to soothe you? 🙂

Folks are away at Sinai experience and this time round, darling Grace got stuck in the philippines due to some admin delays.. which means to say… Ah ma’s also away. EVERYONE’s away, leaving me to fend for myself..! ha!

Actually not too bad la.. I realise that living alone can be pretty relaxing. No one to tell you what to do or what not. heehee.. *Evil laughs* What some of my friends would say, OTOT 😀 It’s kinda interesting to note the convo that goes on within me as i go about the samo stuff in this house. Some were deeply affirming, some were self actualising. Some chided me straight in the face, some were just random… Some were actually imaginary convos to the folks over here. – wait.. just when you thought if she’s going insane being by herself, may I assure you that I am perfect healthy santifically…! The dialogue derive itself from familiarity. Kinda like I can preempt what they might say or the kinda reaction that I will get. Some were flashbacks, some were predictions that has it’s basis. 

My only duty was to water Ahma’s plants with the dosage of heaven’s juice. I was  to receive an sms to remind me again. (i hope not ;P )  guess I like to have some space for me to act on my own intiative then merely following a To-do list dictated by another. This sums up that I take Pride in initiative. Telling me the problem excites me more than providing the solution. Yeah… very disengaging.  

Let me share my normally wont do list over here;

– fall asleep on the sofa in the living room.
– leave items in the kitchen till later to wash
– leave behind a mess
– work on com till daybreak
– skip breakfast and lunch due to laziness to decide what to eat
– go braless
– wear spaghettis
– Have symphony 92.4~ on softly in the background as long as I am in the house. > I won’t switch channels as long as they don’t go wamm bamms and zamming… That.. NEVER fail to give me a headache. The best is the warm sounds of the mellow cello… yoyo ma ROCKS! 😀 

I guess there is quite alot of things to do when I don’t need to consider others. With this you can imagine what kinda a “slop” i can be. At this point i was reminded of a verse that came up recently at a pub comm mtg. Proverbs 28:19> Without vision, people cast off restraints….. Take a look around you, or rather.. Take a look at yourself. Do you have a vision for life. What you want to end up. What truly make your life meaningful & worth toiling for and the shuffling around?

Let’s have a glimpse at Porggy, before we go..

What’s in there: (serving for 1)
Rice (duh..)
Chye Sim
50g of minced pork (marinated with 4tablespoon of jio cheng, vigorious shakes of the pepper & 1 table spoon of sesame oil)
Dried scallop(to be soaked in water for about 1 hr)
an egg
and of course, upon serving, add marmide to taste. :P’
Add thinly sliced(may wanna use a scissors) CHILI PADI For extra bite sensation

Yupz Have a great week ahead you.. till then take care..!


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ur “wont do” list really cracked me up =) … especially as it contained “too much” info at one point! (and i am no prude … but found it so refreshingly honest … haha)

hmm … ive always tot of u as somewhat neat so am surprised that u consider urself “sloppy”? … but yup, as long as it isnt ur own place, u have to live by “The House Rules” right?

anyway, enjoy the moment! …

Comment by berns

First of all.. thank you for ur compliment of me being a NEAT person. – I’ll take it. Say no further… lol

As usual the “shamelessly honest” me.. ;P Well i believe those extra wears are never GOd’s idea.. Now we are complaining “so hot.. so hot..” when it’s our own fault. tis tis.. We are entering the frying Age. Better apply ur sunblocks when u are out huh.. haha

Comment by rolz911

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