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Sunday April 6, 2008, 11:55 pm
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Food Delights for the day!

For a touch of real smooth groove that’s gonna rock ur soul..
>Click here<

One of the rare moments where yours truly Ca..RAve for sweet delights.. 😀

True to it’s infamous, ever llllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong queue, tt’s made up of a crazy ‘mob’ of diehard fans. These very eng fans are willing to wait up to a couple of hours just to get some of these.
I finally sank my teeth into one of these a few weeks back. PDChoco used to be my fav but today I tasted DChoco(white). IT was SIM…pl…y HEAVEN…. 😀 MMm MMm Mmm..! :P’

Check out Novena or the latest outlet at Suntec (Near Carrefour) Should be able to get yours in 10-15mins (max) time. 😀

Late Din.. Did I slurp up a din? Mm.. Yum..!


Testament of;

1.  a delactable simply fair that never fail to satisfy

2.a VERY hungry rol 😛

Have a blessed week ahead ya all..!


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Eh. You must be jin eng to satisfy ur craving..

Comment by shihao

ahha.. Hey yo.. 🙂 guess no big feat to tt la.. Just let ur stomach take the lead.. what’s life without food CRRrrrrRaves? 😉

Comment by rolz911

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