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Friday April 4, 2008, 7:29 pm
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Caution: This post is a pure download which may be of no value to you. BUT I got to let it out it’s distracting me from work!! Agrhh..!! Fustrated!

Maybe it was a bad decision to be at a certain place today. There was a change to my appointment which make it possible for me to be somewhere.

The worst of which I fear happened. I hate it when anyone demand I drop everything and attend to their needs immediately. I hate it even more when I noted 2 attempts which indirectly communicated that I should be be laying off my work to give the care and attention. I was infuriated when I received the second treatment. It was really uncalled for. I hope you will respect and be sensitive that people are in the middle of something??  If you really need to talk to someone immediately to feel better, then go find someone available.! Stop sneering at me. I am not responsible for how you feel.

Seriously Please stop your exaggerated moves mixed with your brand of sarcasm in order to illustrate your point that I am a ‘sinner’. I rolled my eye at you when you walked away. Sorry I really can’t stand it. I really dunno how to respond to your behaviour. If I speak up I know where it will lead to so I’d rather not start it. I refuse to feed your self-centred, inconsiderate demands. Did you realise that when you need your breaks or etc.. You just declare it, claim it and that’s the law of the day and when you behave inconsiderate then it’s ok?  

Best thing u can do. PRAY for me & of course please for this person. Yupz ithis person is unwell.

Sorry, even if you are not well doesn’t mean you can behave like that!

Like I said, this is a download. DO NOT ASK


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aiyoooo cheychey ahh…dont be irritated already. i dont know what to say…yea, but to keep u and that person in prayer. :))

Comment by sshiiwahhss

yea.. thanks gal.. Straight after the post, I had to face this person again. I believe God was reading my post as I was typing it. Something took over. I actually took the step to apologise for my unavailability. It got better. I felt better too. I knew God was please with me. I think to me that was what matter most! Although I am still trying to reconcile this in my heart, I thank GOd that I did not let my emo take over. you know, if I din exercise self-awareness & control it could have been much hurtful and ugly. I pray tt u’ll experience victory when u face ur stuff ya…
1. Rem take a step back. PAUSE
2. Handover our emo to Him
3. Decide to please GOD; knowing He is watching over us.

Comment by rolz911

Yes! amen!

Comment by sshiiwahhss

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