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No blog lately..
Tuesday March 18, 2008, 7:11 pm
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No… Not that nothing has been happening but maybe more of being in the valley of thoughts.. Unfinish, unprocess, raw.. Not ready for the world to sneer at.. (haha cynically pessimistically kidding.. ;P) Yeah.. kinda a bit here there and everywhere.. Hard to put it all down on a decent post. 

Recently God has been addressing my frustration of …. I don’t know what to call it. As someone rightly put it, at some point, I’m like a frustrated child wanting to rip of the blindfold & end the game.

In my recent time with the Lord, He shared an amusing analogy of a fisherman stomping his feet when he discovered the bad turn of the weather. Yeah.. He was really banging and kicking things..! Obviously frustrated that after all the prep, now no fishing for the day..! Just imagine the disappointment. I find it pretty amusing observing that scene. (I actually DID laugh out soft.. more like a chuckle.. 😉 ) Although justified but I can’t help but conclude that he’s silly.. Childish to a certain extent… 

Guess you should know what that was all about… Yar la…. ME.. @#%~! agrhh… yea.. SIlLY ME..!  !! 

BUt now shifting the camera.. Yeah.. It was really refreshing being with the Lord. Man in one evening I learnt alot..

Yeah… let me share one of recent favourites… Presenting…. Britt Nicole 😀

   Hope you like it as much as I do.. 😉 


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… hmm, ur narration just reminded me of a similar ‘tale’ in the Bible … the fishermen fished all night but caught nothing; Jesus came and told them to go fish the OTHER SIDE … and they caught so many fishes that they hd trouble hauling the catch to shore …

perhaps ur life has a part II waiting to be unravelled … the part where Christ the King will say, “go to the other side” and voila! …

i duno, just rambling here ! … in any case, step by step & stay close, dun stray … =)

Comment by calamarirings

yeah… That part got me down to a full 4 page journal entry..! started with observing peeps fishing nearby & plong came a thought, ” why fishermans to be disciples”.. Actually pretty gd way to relax & sabbath huh..? I’d love to pick up fishing some day… 🙂 hmm… just that I dun know what to do with the catch if i do catch anything.. (eeks.. :S ) haha.. yep thks brns.. u too ya… Dun let the Arabs mummify u…!! ;P

Comment by rolz911

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