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CNY updates (newsflash prelude~)
Saturday February 9, 2008, 2:39 pm
Filed under: Boh Liaos

Funny how when i think of a tagline/heading/titles, it will come with a music prelude. Hey wordpress folks, maybe u guys wanna explore tt? hehe

CNY hols has been good so far.. Great time to laze around, catch up with relatives and friends. Getting lazier by the year when it comes to going for bigger family gatherings. haha.. This is also the time where I have a couple of friends who will individually jio me out. I guess these are those who are the less communal ones.. ha!~ 😛


This year’s reunion, chose to join my 5th aunt’s family. The family lost Dad a few months ago.. I guess festive seasons are awful time for those who doesn’t have the PERFECT picture of a family. For me, I am seasoned already. Pretty nice getting different dinner invitations.-Knowing that they thought of me. Some years, I get all stressed up deciding which one to go to. Some years, I turn everyone down and decided to just do it MY WAY. But I think it’s good to be with the family on Eves. Well… if we travel, get busy or kinda missed out family time all year round, this HAS TO be the day that the Family gets the priority ey…? Blood is thicker then water.. So no blood..? drink water..! ( off the tangent random mind gets free reign!) 


Looking back I guess it’s always nice to be near those we love and those whom we have perhaps, regretably, have taken for granted many times in our daily interactions.   


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