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Thoughts on Handling Disappointments in Life
Monday January 21, 2008, 2:38 am
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Disappointments in life are inevitable. We mortals have often fastasies of how perfect our world can be, only to discover what lies beneath the pretty bed of roses lies vicious thorns! What are disappointments? What kind of effects does it have on us?Why do we need to deal with it?  How can we make the best out of setbacks in our lives?

If these questions are what has been bugging you, do stick around.  

What are disappointments?
As human beings, we have the capacity to hope, dream and desire how life can be for us. – How good it can be for that matter. The cruel fact is, we don’t have full control over how things turn out.  The decisions of others, the lack of commitment, macro scale of changes and sudden losses constantly threatens our control to actualise our ideals. Disappointment is therefore defined here as – any loss of joy as result of our vision of Good not being actualised.

What kind of effect does it have on us?
Most people tend to withdraw in the particular area of our life. We became extra cautious and suspicious for the fear of having history repeats itself. We backed off to reassess the situation, to understand what has gone wrong. Some experienced traumas that could trapped us in our world till the end of our day. It has strong effects on our attitude towards life, people, appetite, even our walk pace and how we carry ourselves. It may change our entire lifestyle and preferences altogether.

Why do we need to deal with it?
For the fear of being let down again, we deny ourselves to step in to new experiences, As we negate the chances of bad experiences, we also lose out on the good that may be in store.

How can we make the best out of it?
First of all is to accept the fact that life, people and this world is imperfect. Accept and expect imperfections but don’t let it limit you to desire for perfection. Human beings have the ability to evolve, adapt and grow from our experiences. We have the ability to analyse and draw precious lessons to learn about ourselves and others. Our depth of perception grows as we take time to reflect.

The point here is to focus on human flourishing – your inner growth rather then exterior establishments. Let it add wisdom, empathy, resilence and self-awareness thus enriching us as persons, fellow sojourners in a place best yet to be.

Blessed week ahead folks! 🙂


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hey sis carol! haha wonder if u rmb me 😛 anyway, yah i was going about doing my own stuff today then SUDDENLY i rmbed this one incident at youth camp! yeah 2 yrs back? it was my first youth camp and i was waiting for the lift, feeling kinda lost and uncomfortable; you were there too, and despite not knowing me i thikn you kinda sensed it? and gave me a reassuring pat on the back.. that i dunno, did something.haha. yup ,i was really really very touched by this one small act that you did. 🙂 hee! just wanted to let you know! 🙂 hope you’re doing good!

p.s. found ur blog through shumei’s

Comment by weiwen

Hey weiwen.. cant exact rem tt one but yeah.. God has amazing ways to show us He knows and cares.. 🙂 Hope u are well adjusted in Ignyte by now.. rem to say hi when we see each other ya..? cheerios 😉

Comment by rolz911

haha!! i ‘graduated’ alr lahh!! have been in South campus cell for 1/2 yr alr =) haha.. yea sure =D God bless

Comment by weiwen

woho..! Good to know tt! we are TRINITARIANS yar..? haha See ya ard..! 😀

Comment by rolz911

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