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Wednesday January 16, 2008, 5:17 pm
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Gadgets update… or rather.. News on IMac. Rem I was telling you about the fantabulous Mac OS Leopard?
Yeah… NOpe.. Aint a proud owner of one yet. Yea.. as you suspected it’s the weight. :S MAcbook are so heavy and the lighter ones are at exorbitant prices.. That will burn a BIG hole in Ms Social Welfare’s pocket.. haha 🙂

NOw… Macintosh rolled out their new machine. 😎

Macbook Air ~

Guess they knew what’s on my mind. My only complaint that is… 😉 

Found out that it weighs 1.5kg inclusive of battery pack(That’s abt how much my Acer weighs w/h batt) and will be in town in a month’s time.! But yeah.. gotta hold my horsies.. I am very interested to know how heavy is the cable..  

Eventually I’ll need to get my own lappy. Whether is it changing my desktop to a IMac then settle for a Kohjinsha(which is half the price, half the size & I may develop pruny eyes) OR….

 get one of these… 😀 

The bottomline is I want Leopard OS!!

This is surely something I will be looking out for in the coming IT fair.   

Yeah.. work hard. That will be one of the earthly reward. haha.. Ciao peeps..! Have a great week..! 😉


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