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Facebook here I come!
Wednesday December 19, 2007, 1:29 pm
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Finally after close to a year of harressment by facebook invitations, I finally gave in… SIgh…
Don’t know what is making me reluctant. Maybe I fear I may not be able to keep up with it. – Kinda like Hur.. ONE MORE THING to attend to..???!!

Sorry la… Virtual reality is something I am very skeptical about. It’s kinda like “Wow.. this is great! Exciting…! Yeah.. Woho…!! then off the switch.. it’s gone. 😦  It’s not real…

Well… How about the fact that there are real people interacting with you through platforms like Facebook, Friendster, MSN?

yes Yes.. I know.. all the convenience, time and etc that it can save you but have you heard about the virtual personas people Male can be Female. Freaky thing is when we approach this in all sincerity then found out later that it’s a scam! Then we wonder why our world is so complex nowadays? & getting increasing COMPLEX… :S Why there is so much skepticism, so much mistrust. The social network in the real world world is breaking down. Of course, some platforms are more reliable then others la… eg: Think Msn Messenger and skype’s pretty cool technology to keep in touch. 

I think by now we would have realise the effects of the World Wide Web has cost us. – The Turkish Delights of Convenience has sped up our lives to run in 512kbps. (that’s mine) An irony in itself.

Food for thought: If the speed of your broadband has a corelation to the pace of life, would you opt for a slower pace? 

So yeah… FACEBOOK here I come…! Another irony.. comment so much then still join.. ha.. Ok I’ll go in for a stroll, accept all the friend invites and see if I can make any good and minimise the yucky effects ( if any)..

Wah.. havent been really writing for a while.. Been busy with various stuff. It’s good. Am happy! Will update with some latest, to follow..  😉



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