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Help me understand
Tuesday November 13, 2007, 8:20 am
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Some say silence is golden
No it aint glimmering for me in any way.
It’s like a foggy chasm,
left to the imagination.

May I ask for a clue
How do you do
Redeem yourself from my lawless interpretations
We can walk out of this together

It’s been a long day
sorry if I seem distant
sense something heavy inside you..
I want you to know I’m right here for you.

~  ***  ~

Help me understand


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I remember an oldie by the name of Silence is Golden. Or something along those lines.

It’s quite an irony though, the phrase. People wish for a momment silent when background noises are plenty. But when the surroundings become dead silent, they wish for noise to be in the background.

How weird would it be to for a teacher to walk into a silent classroom?

So I believe the composer of that oldie. Must be someone surrounded by noise all day all night. If silence was really golden. The deaf would be rich. And the mute wealthy.

I think you can see that I’m someone who really dont like silence. Haha..

Comment by shihao

Oh. The oldie is called “Sound of Silence”…

Comment by shihao

Ooo…. ic.. what’s the lyrics like? 🙂

Comment by rolz911

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