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All in a day: City of SIn(Sin a pur la..)
Friday November 9, 2007, 8:26 pm
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Sorry! Haven’t been updating in a while now. Entering into Nov, a sudden surge of activities both work and play. Taking a break from report writing at the moment. Ok I’ll share today. It’s 8.23pm, i’m now sipping my caramel machiato @ Cathay Dhoby. Life’s simple pleasures.. umm umm MMm.. 😉

Here’s a few snapshots of the day.

First thing:. Went on a shoe cabinet hunt with pa ma. The new ikea’s HUGe…!!

The self help section. With ceiling 2-3 storey high!! Watch out for falling debris! Ayks….
Nope.. No kill for the day. Wonder what’s with the scarce selection. Nothing fits the bill. Boo..!
but i wanna go there and nuah one day…
Next… off for a mtg at SAM. Thanks pa for the ride. 😀

Sad case.. I actually mistakened The Legend for SAM!!! Have not been to the new SAM. Assume assume la.. Dont bother to check la.. see..! LATE! ha see..! *self shake head* 

Check out the glass ceilings… lotsa natural light.. Lovely!! 😀  

After the mtg, the curator took me on a tour round the galleries and facilities. 
According to her. If you follow through the audio companion, you can possibly spend 6hrs there! (Wa ..Serious a not.. ?)

Here’s a few of the slightly more interesting shots…

Opera head dress and all.. Elaborate sia…
A creepy looking window in the family potrait gallery. Wa.. I love the look and feel of it.. It like walking into a silent hill scene.  

Side note: Ma commented tt my music’s malancholic. The christmas ornaments I said nice drape then now it’s this goth window.. lol. ophoos! I cant reconcile with my taste. I got drapy taste! lol Probably i like muted look and feel. haha..~~

Our world’s melting… A day with no trees. Can be pretty depressive..

NOw… LOok up!

Ahh.. I can breathe.. NICE! 😀

How have you been? 🙂


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