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Life in the light of Sodokus
Wednesday October 24, 2007, 5:04 pm
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sodoku.jpgI got distracted at work today.. what followed was I sneaked here… haha.. 😀
A thought struck me while I was at this —–>> 😛
Isn’t life in a sense like doing the Sodokus?First it looks overwhelming and kinda doesn’t give you much of a clue where exactly to start from. (Esp the harder ones)
We can stare at it a long time before finally deciding to make a move.
*nudge* “Just try la huh.”
Then we make some corrections here and there section by section.

Before we know it, we are finally getting there! We begin to see the co-relations between the rows of digits!

Wala done! Congratulations you are a winner! 🙂

“Yar.. right.. u think life is that simple…? Zzzz… “

The problem is often times we get so overwhelmed with the ‘complexities’ and the ‘senselessness’ of life that we decide to just eat, sleep, go to work/school. Or another common will be,  “where to start huh…?” 
“Yar.. I need to know where EXACTLY… or else I can’t..”
” I got to be sure before I start anything right.?”
um um… That’s not quite right according to rolzology..

You know what’s worse? Many times just because we don’t know, we don’t get started working out the knots.

My philos in this – No matter how complex or confusing or knotty (:P) Give it a go.. Work on it. You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s not a race against time. It’s a race of your life. Your very own. 
Run your own race. (with lesser baggages) 

Life’s a learning journey… Breathing is not living.

Don’t quit. 

++ PLUS ++
I’m with you too. 🙂

To play the Sodukos>>


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