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Friday October 19, 2007, 1:35 am
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I think in life I am more of a Realist.
 It is easier to grasp and hold on to.
Which is why I tend to be somewhat skeptical to fictional fluffs.
Something Dr. May said made me think about giving idealism a chance.

I thought about it.

See, take for example, if we rationalise FJ kennedy’s fluffy idea of putting a man on the moon. We go into calculating the risks, the practicality of such a feat to mankind & etc… High chance a high & mighty Realist might abort this. Then that’s the end of it. Life going through the rut and the mandanes. Life kinda lost it’s magic..?

Yea.. I guess after all it’s ok to have our heads in the cloud every once in a while.. 🙂 Let there be no limitations, no boundaries in the world of imaginations.

There is truth in pessimism but the greater truth lies in the eschoton; the glorious perfection that is to come. The reality of the ideals.

” Some people see things as they are and ask why.
Others dream things that never were and ask why not.
What your mind can conceive and believe.
It CAN be acheive. “

” from a poster titled ‘Dreams’


~ Food for Thought ~
 We’ve put men on the moon
We’ve made huge craft that could transport hundreds via the sky
We have build pyramids and skyscrapers
We’ve made weapons of mass destruction.
Influence the world in the matter of seconds.

It is scary coming to thinkof it.

Where is the line to our power to create?


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