Rolzo Speaks…

Thursday October 11, 2007, 1:20 pm
Filed under: En Spirituas

First thing this morning, received news, one of my closer aunt’s husband passed away. In his sleep.

He’s not saved. 😦

Konk konk hit me again. The grief hit me when I spoke to joy ask if everyone’s alright.. what a silly question.. duh.. everyone’s alright…?! Her voice distorted for a split moment in her reply..  

It has been a pretty morbid 2 weeks.. started with pastor’s wife mum> a couple friend lost their baby> AuntW gave birth to a stillborn. BUT thank GOD docs managed to resucitate him in time, currently in ICU and getting stronger each day.. 🙂

This week an ST ex colleague’s mum passed on.   today.. Death came closer to home. This is the relative family I am closest to. Family is in shock. jason tried to resucitate him but to no avail. when the ambulance came, they tried different ways to revive him. Nothing worked. He’s gone.

I had never shared the Good News with him.. I never got the chance? excuses… perhabs i had given in to inconveniences and lame excuses, my own pride and fear..

If there is something that you want to do for someone. It may not be something you feel like doing but you know you need to. Don’t wait.. cuz you may not have a chance.

Lord give me Your strength & Grace.

Someone said:

I rather be condemned when I speak than damned if I don’t.. 

Lord,  people are wasting away by the second and I can’t live in regret. May Your Love drive me to do what You need me to do. To be all You need me to be.

For Your glory. 52 take it all amen.      


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