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Indoor day..
Friday September 28, 2007, 12:09 am
Filed under: Boh Liaos

Wonder what’s with the sudden turn of weather. It started raining since late last night. Was good thing tt it turned out that I dun have to run out. Rainy days has this lurking gloom and sadness. If these rain drops are Ur tears Lord.. That’s alittle too much.. God emo-ing with me? ha~! 😛

So sorry I had to cancel the dinner with you folks ya… it was cramp attacks towards the later part of the day. I was really looking forward to hang out. But I know what will follow with the abdomen assault will be an emergency involuntary overall shutdown for a couple of hours. Sorry guys!

Look what humble dinner I had to settle with. :/


Minced meat scallop with chye sim and egg porridge.
A special request to Grace before my emergency crash landing.
It was just the way I wanted it. With my marmide mix of course! 😛 I finished every morsel of it. – That’s the way I appreciate her.. Thank u Lord for Ur Grace. 😀
I’ll make it up to you all ya.. I organised the next hangout!! Sure thing! Pls give face ya 😛


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