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Wednesday September 26, 2007, 2:22 am
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Based on a real story,life of a woman in search her worth told through the eyes of her son. Story took on many angles if u think of it. My heart goes out to May & Tom being innocent victims of mum’s topsy turvy life. I can relate to their anger and frustration to mom’s repeated empty promises. She kept telling them “Mom only think of your good..” How tiring it is to believe after countless times of let downs.

* ~ After thoughts ~*
I recalled the countless times I’ve shifted from babysitter to babysitter when I was a little kiddo. I didn’t know why we had to shift.  All i knew was mom had a bad temper and most of time it was based on some argument. My mom used to own a salon, drove a nice car and was the most capable of her sisters. I was her little princess. Dad left us when I was barely 2. – I was told. The year I was to turn 7, Mom left suddenly. That year was the only year my birthday was not celebrated. 

Towards the end of the show, I had flashbacks of how frightened i was when I saw the body of my dead mom in the mortuary. It didnt look like her.

 The greatest regret for me was I never had to chance to know her. He could write. I had nothing to begin with… All I have were faint memories, photos, hearsays and a ring. (I broke one of the claw recently 😦 ) 

Life has many sad things. Some caused by our own foolishness, some by others. Can’t live on the promises of yesterdays.. Gotta just move on and know that God is good.

Thanks for the company marie.. 🙂



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