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Mugging days are back…!
Tuesday September 18, 2007, 12:45 am
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My course texts…
They weigh a TON in all sense of the word..
That Dr May arr… After observing we really mug for her quiz. She exclaimed “I have never had such an intense class..!” ( I could almost hear her evil laughter.. yeah.. she was arm chio-ying away.. :S SADIST) She declared that there’s gonna be quiz on every week… 

For her it’s a little gal let loose in a candy shop. FOR me it’s a plunge into the great unknown. Totally stressed with the bombardment of a whole host of Kantian MacIntyre-ish Hauerwasy Aristotlites who comes with Gilligan Singers & the gang via  deontologicals, the teleologicals & the whatever viewpoint…

All I can say is….

Mugging season begins! ( Hate it but know it’s good.. PRESS IN!)

Mug Day 1:
Had some in between time.. I was thinking.. Yea.. why not here.. turns out to be the most perfect place.. Shade, a lingering breeze + the distance shouts of “kopi ji puay” and the humm of human interactions. It was all so.. naturally charming. For once I didnt seem to need my headphones. 😀 

Commercial break?
I bird watched.. 😉 bunch of sparrows feasting over the spoils.. pretty fun to give them the occasional terror stare. They scram.. (hey there u forgot ur bag! 😛 )

Yeah.. Gonna research on ethics in Human Rights. Group’s meeting up tomorrow. God bless our quest!

Condensation @ the moment> We are God’s moral agents, set out in the world to work out His preferences by actively presenting the Kingdom of God in spirit, word and deed. 

Now, be in the world but not of the world. 


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