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Quicky: Introducing new catergory – Burps
Saturday September 15, 2007, 1:37 pm
Filed under: BURPS..~

Hey my world.. Hope all has been well & chripy…!(Sometimes we gotta Hummm…. to get back the glow despite the weather.. 😉 ) I have had a great week meeting up with friends, FOOD!, learning new things, got to know some new friends in the field @ the retreat, talk talk chat chat think think = FUN FUN FUN. Loving Life really! Ha~ 😉

Ok now introducing a new category call BURPS over here.. Kinda like life after thoughts to chat about. & may I emphasize CHAT ABOUT… Ha! So pls…! Express your views, thoughts, feelings, doubts, contention and whatever.. 

TAKE YOUR TIME   yupz.. can always come back later to leave a note.. BUT ermm.. remember to come back hor.. If it’s too much work to remember I would advise to just…..

SAY IT in whatever style you fancy.. Doesn’t even need to make perfect sense. (Just dont leave a blank la.. That’s a hard one to understand. & MAy I add that it’s CRUELTY TO ROLZO if you do that.. I may set up a welfare Action for that SCTR :P)

BE KNOWN   another possibly stressful one. I’ll respect it if you wanna remain anonymous ( Yep.. tt’s fine 🙂 ) BUT my general take on this is there is….  

NO CORRECT ANSWER   Absolutely entitled to your viewpoint 🙂

OPEN ENDED   The style of it is I will resist the temptation to round it up.. As such, we can always review the topics later when you feel inspired.. well.. It takes a whole life to make sense of things.. sometimes it seems like we have finally got it then later on we discover there is more…

 Chat soon my world…! Wishing SonSHINE for week ahead~~ 😀


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