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BURP…~ Ophoos.. C’Qus me.. :P
Saturday September 15, 2007, 1:44 pm
Filed under: BURPS..~

BURP to me is…..

Absolutely neccessary to clear the air.. (hmm.. I’m thinking this gonna be fun)
How often do you burp in a day? & do you like to… why?


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do it all the time.. Sometimes as a competition as who can do the loudest, longest burp! u very boh laio huh

Comment by DINky

HAHAHAHA! i do it almost everytime i finished my meals! LOL!
i think burping is good lo..
given a choice to burp or to fart..
i would choose to burp..
Fart is smelly..and it stinks which pollute the air. somemore cant taste it.
but burp, get to taste and get the smell of the food.
so might as well B U R P !

Comment by shiwah

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