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Battle3D: Light Sabre vs. Dark Vedas
Saturday September 8, 2007, 11:48 am
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Saturday morning greeted us with a heavy downpour. We had plan to do breakfast out as a family. So plan B kicks in! Pa ask what do I wanna do.. (Moment of stress “-_- do u really wanna do what I wanna do? Think it’s more of asking what I suggest we shld do rite..) The complexity of human interactions & non-verbal ques calls for consideration of others interest. Ok compromise.  He loves playing games and I not so.  Gotta pick one that I will enjoy too.. ha~ So..My pick of the  day 3 Dimensional Tic Tac Toe!  😀 It was battle of Logic vs. Random Spontaneity. Pa deployed his troops like a general in full command. I was scurrying ard like a rat..! It was getting pretty fun but things took on a different turn after I divulge my strategy. HA~ 

Score Board


It’s a tie… and why?

At our last round Pa’s so good that he plotted a TRIPLE whammy that left me totally babbled. He cornered me and dictated my every move near the end of the game. We used up almost all the beads. Brillant plot!  Ha~ Good game pa! 😉 Play again soon.. Thanks 😀

P.s. Check out the “Cosmic Interplay” on my left panel(Bottom) Let me know what you think of that piece ya..? 🙂 


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no matter how the game is played – and who finally wins – what is important is that we enjoyed ourselves and the relationship is treasured even more.
it was really fun to see Carol acting up (like a funny woman) at many different junctions in the game.
Cosmic interplay – i am so glad that we are not just dead pawns or beads in the hands of God. He gives us plenty of free will to partner with him, and the opportunity to make a difference in our own lives and those of others.

Comment by smtay

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