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Ahgong & Ahma.. precious!
Wednesday September 5, 2007, 3:08 pm
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It has been an ardous journey reaching out to my waigong. Last year Dec has been an intense period for me. (Back posts: Nov> Dec> Jan1 > Jan2). The final blow came in April when one of my aunt collapsed and died suddenly. The thing is I had just interacted with her less than 24hrs ago! She seems alright then and she’s dead?! “-_- The Lord alerted me to the the fact that people are not here forever. All these sent an urgent chill down my spine. Although on the outside I seem to be wasting away.. pruny eyes, aching limps & all.. but on the inside, God seems to be using this to heal my cynicism. God used this to tenderize my hardening heart. God’ good. 🙂

Now I got kinda stuck with waigong. There is a disatisfaction abt what I was doing for him. I hope to tell him more about Jesus and the faith but I can’t seem to get pass asking about his health, wat he wants to eat and praying about this in confined hokkien as the last thing of the visit. Last Sunday he started talking about death and his worries. Waigong used to be a typical hokkien Asian who put up a stern front. There’s hardly a word from him in a day and if anything it’s short excerpts of anger. Our relationship grew over time and now he’s very different. He laughs, tease, respond to my teasing, tells me who he was, how he felt about life and tells me what’s on his mind. I think all these is making it hard for me to let him go..  

Was sharing with Ahma over breakfast about this. Check out what Ahma whipped out..

Few shots on Ahma storying away.. ha~ 😀
ahma-storying1.jpg ahma-storying-2.jpg
Put a tape on and was so amazed hearing Mark 6 > in PURE SOLID HOKKIEN. ( Solid Hokkien MEe? ha~ :P) Yea.. Deal. It’s on loan now.  I really wanna be able to sing and share more with him. I want to know I will see him at the End.

Leaving you with a retro rolzo quote in closing. 🙂 
 1 Rolzology 12:1
Real Love inspire us to labor for well being of others & sometimes inversely for ourselves. It does not frivolously leave things to occur by chance. It is bold, certain and consistent. 

I wish you love and sonshine… 🙂


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