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Sunshine day & Gadgets galore~~
Sunday September 2, 2007, 1:30 am
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Hey TGIS! Had a great start to the day.. Haven’t seem nicole in a week when she spotted me sneaking out of my room to get into the bathroom. She was like a little face popping  out and huh..with that quzzical look. Ha~ I knew I had to go to her straight after I’m done. Once she caught sight of me again, she came sprancing into my room, climb on my bed like it’s hers! haha~ here’s a few shots from the camera~
image079.jpg image076.jpg 

She’s a bundle of sunshine that litted up my day.. 😀 It wasn’t long till she got whiz off. milk beckons her.. “Come drink.. only I satisfy..” Almost IMMEDIATE she went. The power of milk milk is indeed very powderful.

Got some news that Comex’s having some really great deals. Gadgets galore..! Since the last comex I’ve been scouting ard for good deals for cam, lappy, pda phone and etc.. Only got an external hard drive and a printer. Slow and steady yea.. 😉 
SO I’ve been warned that the crowd’s mad but nothing’s gonna deter me! As long as my audio is secure and everything compact I can conquer any mob! Muahhahaha…~~!

Take a look at the crowd …
People from Ae–Ver–ry tribe and tongue…!!!

I had one desire in mind. Digi Cam will be my focus. (Yupz has become a real need now that I need to build materials for my new work..) 
As usual I got distracted along the way.. I DID go check out some sonys and canons.. THEN something else caught my eye! Fujitsu U1010. The one I’ve been waiting for!!!
But problem is I think it’s REAlly small.. After comtemplating and circling the booth for 15mins I decided to drop it. Nah.. not good for long run…

so have I got anything.. ?


Ermmm…. in the end I got a…. ermm.. a… 
Na..! see it for yourself.

Think the fatal attraction was the fact that it’s olive green! Really like it alot. 🙂 It’s light, small, handle and have what I needed to get more organised. Ahem NOPE.. This is not an implusive buy. Had wanted to get a pda phone for a while but couldn’t find anything I like months back. The pda I have now is ffth’s and I think my new colleague will find it useful. Yeah yeah yeah… so I’m happy.. 🙂

Due to the time factor I had to leave.. May go down to scout again to see if the cam will actualise. God bless my hunt yea..! 😀


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