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Keys, shuffling between places
Friday August 31, 2007, 3:00 pm
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Sigh.. I have missing my keys lately.. House keys, home keys and office keys that is.. Keys to places that permits me to enter whenever I fancy.. I missed my keys 3 times in less than a week! Didn’t get me into any big trouble except  was really late for an appointment and it got me rather annoyed. -Am thankful for gracious friends…BIG thanks mw! 😀

The dust has finally settled and after a month of adjusting to new work, living arrangements and etc, I finally managed to nail down some form of routine or what I would call the statics. So now, assuming it to be a normal week for me, it will pretty much summed up as this. Take a look;


So after working this out it seems like the super fluid part will be Tues – Fris. Pretty neat ay? NOT… I have yet to determine my principle of drift management. Sometimes it’s not as simple as first come first serve ya know… :/

At times I lament about all the inconveniences I incurred in order to make it be more convenient for me(how oxymoronic..!).How I wish that I could have 2 sets of the same things. I could have saved some brain live cells for that. So due to this living arrangement, i had to plan and pack  the things I will need for the next few days at every shuffle between places. It can be quite a daunting task thinking through all the nitty grits, NOt mentioning the amount of barang barangs i need to bring with me bcuz of this! (if you even wonder why i look like a christmas tree when you see me, dont ask. Chances are she’s doing the shuffles again..) Although this has been a while but I have yet to reach a point of mastery ease in this. :S You may ask why the need to put myself through this? Just stay in one place? yeah.. one day it struck me. Why huh..? Pondered for a while and finally arrived at the fact that each place has it’s own dynamics, environment, community of interactions. Eg. @ Pas I’ll have close family dynamics, high accountability needed for the folks.. sit down dinner time and grace to take care of my basic needs. @ Sengkang it will be late night out with friends, the 2 gals nearby hangout in berms and tshirts, cycling with biking kakis, do own laundry, no one to get you to eat. Yupz pretty much on my own. Ji gay bo jong. 

Shared about the pain over dinner with cr couple of days ago. Suprisingly he said woman you have no idea the training you are putting yourself through. He said many people cant plan past the day ahead and that this  invaluable skill could very well prep me for stuff ahead. Ha~ Have not saw it in that light. Sure feels better to consider that this can be for a greater purpose.. 😉

Recently made a set of keys to Pas. Finally! My license to be home late!! This will be the third set of keys I am holding. Why cant life be simpler.? The world will be a better place if I only have;

1 key that fits eveything I need to open
1 email
1 password to remember
1 card that entitles to all the privileges there is to claim
1 hp
1 person to account my whereabouts
 Just to name a few of my desired 1s… haha~

I am thankful that in our pluralistic society where we have a ton of the same things or the need to communicate the same 1 thing to the tons, I have 1 GOD. All sufficient, all powerful, all mighty,all knowing & all.what a solace. what a comfort to know.. I have a GOd is the one and ALL.

Have a great weekend everyone! 😀


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that’s exactly what it’s like to be living at home and campus too! haha

Comment by marie

yea.. u bet! Except tt ours is the direct opposites in terms of context. Must take care when you out there on ur own ya.. Love ya.. 😉

Comment by rolz911

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