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Sweet Bliss: Love in the little things~~
Thursday August 23, 2007, 2:57 pm
Filed under: Buzz buzz, Love stories

Pa Ma left for a pastors retreat and before that we hardly had time to laze ard together. Did get to say tu da louz to them before they march off to mount Sinai. Pa drop me a note to ask me to help finish the fruits we bought on Saturday or else they will go bad. I was thinking huh tt’s AlOt to finish.! :S I din reply as I don’t wanna give my word for tt. Ha~

I came back Monday night, grace ask me if i want some fruits. I was thinking man.. is there alot? *worried* You see, I’m  a social eater. How can they expect me to eat anything without them?! :/

Took a peep in the ref and i saw one of each left! Wheew.. Lovingly engineered by Pa I believe. 😀


Next morning I was scuffing ard for what’s left for breakfast. Take a look at this.. A bit of every kind. !! Another gesture of love from Pa (who might have discussed with Ma to do this great feat..!) I felt so loved.! Knew they were thinking of me while I was away.. HA~ If u are reading this Pa MA.. Wanna say I love you!!! 🙂 I took a choice slice, plonk it in my mouth and savour the smooth linyon paste.. And tt’s it. Closed the cover. ( Later pa said he inspected the box upon his return & wiped it all out!)   

Now TODAY… I discover a stake of books near my bible. Pa ma knows that I am working on some materials for a youth programme. I SUSPECT THoSE are for me! Hee


Very nicely placed.. kinda just lying casually around sipping their tea and enjoying the breeze. ~ Not behaving needful to be picked up. 

I love it when they does it this way..kinda laid goodies, suprises all ard the house. Hoping I’ll discover them and enjoy..  

To sum it all up I think Pa Ma wanna love me without laying expectations. I think they know if they said something, I will take in my strive to do it to honor them. Sometimes it kills the joy and how I can potentially enjoy it. Because I will kinda be in a hurry to get it done or get stressed out. I guess it’s natural to wanna please peeps whom you love. Like my new found half monkey half wabbit munster fren might say I’ll be MIGHTY worried if you dont.. yea..haha!  Have a great day ahead everyone!

Let’s do chain tonight, I’ll be at a youth programme. Gal if u are reading this, let me know where u slot me in and I try to go to the toilet then.. 🙂 


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