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Exam Fever “=_=~
Saturday August 18, 2007, 2:09 am
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Hey know that the  heat is turning up and there are lotsa stuff over your shoulders.. Jesus said Take heart I have overcome. And being a bearer of His name (Christ) we too will be overcomers with Him!

Especially when we are stressed and have a whole list of things to rush, we tend to put God aside and kinda say… “Ermm sorry God, let me finish this then I get back to you ya.. ” We feel kinda guilty at times and we comfort ourselves by saying “Ya.. I think God understands I am busy la huh.. “

God delights in sacrifices. King David once said he will not give to God something which costed him nothing. In doing so, he expressed how important God. King David will not worship & please Him only when he got nothing better to do but even when it will cost him, He honored the Lord.. 😀 

Like the parable of the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, in a day we may have only 24hrs a day but 1001 things to finish.! May we increasingly realise how much we need the Lord!

 Let’s honor Him by taking time to pray, worship or read  His word, asking Him to speak to us and bless our day ahead with His love and grace. As you have a heart that honors God and every in this time you will learn to allow Him to hold your hand and guide you through.

> I guess if you may be on a break at the moment. Dun wander off in cyberspace ya.. Here’s something for you. > Check out the Tips for you.

Press in & be a responsible person. Do what you need and commit what you cant do to Him who holds your future.

Jia You!!!!~~ ^-^  


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