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My Thoughts on the Skoreans Hostage Crisis …
Thursday August 2, 2007, 3:22 pm
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I received an sms last night.. A pretty long sms asking to pray for the skorean hostages.. As buzz and I had adopted this issue to pray, I also send out a prayer alert praying for God to strengthen them and intervene.

I had been thinking about this whole matter. As we adopted the issue, I felt compelled to update myself on the development. That has also led me to read up on related links and different responses. Obviously alot were worried, many were devastated by the news of yet a second 29 year old male(if I din hear wrongly) as of this week. The issue also invited criticism on the church who have sent aid workers despite the security warnings not to travel into the country. I also observe different people’s response to the matter. Asked some on how they feel about the whole issue. All these led me to wonder what should be my respond to this.

With technological advances, news travels by the seconds. Flood, famines, rumors of war, murders, perverse acts, trends and you name it. We live in a world where there are troubles everywhere. For the idealist, it can be pretty discouraging. Yes we live in a fallen world. I think it’s so tempting for us to slip in this mode of passivity and indifference.
As long as “my world” looks fine it’s non of my business. Anyway there is nothing much I can do to help…

Jesus said,
In the last days, the love of many will grow cold….

Is this how is gonna be for me? Must I be indifferent?

For the hostages, Let’s pray for courage and perfect peace. I was reminded that all their lives are already in GOd’s hand. Let’s ask God to strengthen their faith that they will not lost heart to the end.

Chain’s on tonight.. Let’s press in and pray!   


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