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Our FTV Friend from Japan – RIE..!!
Sunday July 29, 2007, 10:52 pm
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Rie ( pronouned as Ree..arr..) popped by IGNYTE last sunday. Yeah.. SHe’s the gal right in the middle..! 😀dscf2331.jpg
We had the privilege to host her. This one’s from Rie’s cam and where most of us looks nice.. ! Guess we were really super high, all laugh and giggly since the start of the morning!! haha 🙂 So sorry folks my Pda hanged and I lost all the precious pictures we took at Fuel.. booohoo… ~ 😦

Wanna let you all know I love ya cell.. Each one of you is unique and precious! Keep pressing in for a real breakthru with me ya.. I started to change my posture before God in prayer. (wanna keep it special before Him so I wont share yar… )
Yeah… sometimes we really bo tua bo sway with God ya know.. Cannot be too casual. He is GOD after all…! I wanna testify that God honors our prayers especially when we do it when no one knows and no one is watching.. When His HsP prompts, do what He says.. That’s how you really interact with your Heavenly Father.

Btw let’s keep in touch with Rie. I’ve linked her blog in my side bar. She comes from a church of 80 and she has a small youth group of 6 in Japan.  Japan has about 1% Christians. Let’s pray that Rie’s church be a bright light for all who are searching and that Revival will come upon her youth group and more young people in Japan will come to know Him through them..!

I told Rie.. IF we never see her here again.. We’ll meet at the End.. Haha..

yeah.. keep in touch RIe..! 😉  


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