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Koreans updates: Keep praying~
Saturday July 28, 2007, 4:53 am
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Updates on their wellbeing: (Pls be with them in prayer)
Taliban spokesman says some hostages ill 

Food for thought:
Korean Missionaries Drew Fire at Home


hmmm…. WHat Do U THink…?  

Let’s discuss!


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My condolences as a Muslim on the death of the South Korean man.

However, it is understood by virtually all Muslims that Christian missionaries are not in Muslim countries to feed people but rather bribe people into conversion. Why do the missionaries insist on pretending that they are only out to feed people? Their activities are endangering all Christians in Afghanistan who are genuinely trying to feed people and not proselytize.


Comment by Shukri

hi Shukri, thank you for popping by. 🙂 Seriously speaking I really am not in the position to comment on their intentions in going there as I do not knowthem personally. Whatever we know are hear says & news reports. News are reported by people and subjected to how the reporter word and present the stories. Most of the time they are focus on how it will generate more public interest sad to say not always the truth. However it is interesting to note how they dare to risk their lives to bring hope to a group of people who have no resources and are in need. I pray that innocent good hearted people would not be harmed.

Comment by rolz911

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